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Zoran Bognar

Zoran Bognar was born in Vukovar in 1965. He writes poetry, prose, essays and literary criticism. He has published two novels: The Night of Empty Hands (1989), and Awakened State of Dream (1993); three books of micro-essays: The Photographs of the Voices (1997), Eidetic Images (1998) and The Photographs of the Voices II (2002); and many volumes of verse, including: Blues for a Chess Board (1986), Ground Reins Under Ground (1987), Psycho-Striptease (1998), Traders in Biorhythm (1990), Jesus Still Believes In Judas (1990), Insanity by Floyd Berthold (1991), The Smell of Plastic Flowers (1992), Should the Dead Come Back One Day (1993), Anonymous Immortality (1994), The New Deluge (1996), The New Noah's Ark (1997), The New Man (1999), Elysian Trilogy (2000), Albedo (2002), Aura (2003) and Alchemy (2005). He has edited the anthology of the Serbian micro-essay Liquid Crystal (2006). His first book into Macedonian, Constellations under the skin, translated by Petre Bakevski, has been published in 2006.
His work has been translated into Italian, French, English, Hungarian, German, Slovene, Greek, Macedonian, Spanish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Dutch, Frisian and Armenian.
He is a winner of many Serbian and international prizes for his poetry, such as Vanelli (Italy, 1999), Mediterranean Lion (Montenegro, 1998) and Hubert Burda (Germany, 1999).
He lives and works in Belgrade.

Books by Zoran Bognar published by Blesok:


La trilogie Elyséenne

Poetry by Zoran Bognar, eBook, in French.

Translated by: Mireille Robin and Boris Lazic.



Poetry by Zoran Bognar, eBook, in Serbian.



Poetry by Zoran Bognar, eBook, in English.

Translated by Dejan Marković.


Elizejska trilogija

Poetry by Zoran Bognar, eBook, in Serbian.

Blesok no. 52, January-February, 2007
      poetry: The Echo of Their Thoughts


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