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Claude Freeman

Claude Freeman, an American, graduated from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He began traveling at eighteen and has not finished with his need to follow the road. He has worked abroad for more than twenty-five years including seven years in Africa, five years in Asia, and more than nine years in the Balkans. He has published three books: Archetypon, East and South of West, and Misdirections in Ancient Lands. Selection of his poetry is published by Blesok in 2001: Mad Dog and Strange Directions.

He lived for nearly a year in Ohrid in 1998-99 where he finished his last book. While published in other countries, some of his poems have also been published in Macedonian. He was an invitee to the 1999 Struga International Poetry Festival which he has subsequently visited every year.

He likes the road. He is not returning.

Books by Claude Freeman published by Blesok:


Mad Dog & Strange Directions

Selected poetry by Claude Freeman III (2002)

Selected and translated from English by Igor Isakovski

Edition Morpheus, book 02

Blesok no. 10-11, August-November, 1999
      poetry: Boreal


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