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Aneta Božinova

Group exhibitions:

1998 Graduated students at the Faculty of Fine Art, House of Army
1998 New members of DLUM, DLUM
1999 Small format DLUM, DLUM
2001 Biannual of young artists, Museum of Contemporary Art
2001 Kičevo International Colony, Cultural Informative Centre
2002 Annual exhibition of DLUM, Museum of the City Skopje
2002 IX Winter Salon, Museum of Contemporary Art
2002 Art improves time (co-operation with Austria), Cultural Informative Centre
2002 1(3) DijaLects, Museum of Contemporary Art
2003 Delčevo International colony, Cultural Informative Centre
2003 Small format, DLUM
2004 Small format, DLUM
2004 Award exhibition of DLUM, Museum of the City Skopje
(Jordan Grabul, award for sculpture)
2005 Biannual of Young artists, Museum of Contemporary Art
2006 Days of Creativity, New Age
2006 Small format, Cultural Informative Centre
2006 Award exhibition of DLUM, Museum of the City Skopje

Solo exhibitions:

2001 Cultural Informative Centre, Skopje
2001 The House of Culture, Ohrid
2004 Gallery f/8 Wells, Austria
2004 Artist Gallery Wells, Austria
2005 Skopje Summer, National Galery, Čifte Amam, Skopje
2005 The House of Culture, Skopje
2007 Museum of the City Skopje, Skopje
2007 Macedonian Opera and Ballet – May Opera Evenings
2007 Gallery Otok, Art workshop Lazarety, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Blesok no. 55, July-August, 2007
      gallery, exhibition:


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