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Zvonko Maković

Zvonko Maković (born 1947, lives in Zagreb, Croatia) graduated in History of Art and Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, where he now holds the post of Head of the Modern Art and Visual Communications Department. His first book of poems, published in 1968, won him an award from the A.B. Šimić Fund.
Among the books of poetry he published are the following: Comets, comets (1978), Facts (1983, for which he won the Vladimir Nazor Prize, the most prestigious national literary award), Fear (1985), Name (1987), Vanishing Point (1990), Dust (1992), Wide Spaces, Short Shadows (2000, selected poems), Larges espaces, courtes ombres -- Choix de poèmes (Poèmes traduits du croate par Brankica Radić, Paris, 2003), The Meantime (2005).
In 2001 he won the coveted Goranov vijenac [Goran's Wreath], a national award, for his overall poetic opus. Zvonko Maković has also published five books of essays, as well as few books of columns and feuilletons and a dozen of monographs devoted to contemporary artists. Zvonko Maković has organised numerous exhibitions of contemporary art, and in 2001 he was the national commissioner for the Venice Biennale. His poems have been translated into the following languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Slovene and Macedonian.

Blesok no. 58, January-February, 2008
      poetry: In Poems It Always Looks Different


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