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Slavica Gadžova

Slavica Gadzova (1984, Bitola) is graduated student in General and comparative literature. She is interested in the problem of relativity of the point of view in the literature and its dependence of the different concepts of power, knowledge and truth. The intermedial relations between the novel and the film and historiographical and political metafiction are also in the focus of her researches. She works as an external assistant in the Institute of Macedonian literature – Skopje. She writes poetry, prose and essays. She speaks English and Spanish.

Blesok no. 64, January-February, 2009
      prose: Mint

Blesok no. 69, November-December, 2009
      prose: Stars

Blesok no. 76, January-February, 2011
      prose: Sounds

Blesok no. 83, March-April, 2012
      reviews: Acting Beyond the Visible


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