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Ján Ondruš

Ján Ondruš (1932-2000) – one of the extraordinary poets of the second half of the twentieth century, member of the Concretists, or the Trnava group of poets. He translated into Slovak a selection of the poetic opus of Serbian poet Vasko Popa, Večne neviditeľná or Forever Invisible (1966). His own books of poetry include: Šialený mesiac or Crazy Moon (1965), V stave žlče or In a Bilious State (1968), Posunok s kvetom or Moving with a Flower (1968), Mužské korenie or Male Pepper (1972), Vajíčk or Egglet (reconstructed debut collection which the author was not allowed to publish and later refused to sign as author, 1984), Prehĺtanie vlasu or Swallowing a Hair (a revised selection of his opus, 1996), and Ovca vo vlčej koži or Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing (1997).

Blesok no. 74, September-October, 2010
      poetry: Well


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