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Jana Beňová

Jana Beňová (1974) – poet and prose writer. She graduated in Dramaturgy in Bratislava in 1998. She published Park magazine and worked as editor at the Slovak daily SME. Her poetic books may be interpreted as mosaic collection of stylized diary entries, reminiscences and notes registered in the clear and sensitive world of the subject. A child’s optic is predominant in them as well, and important for the author is also the emphasis on the graphical and pictorial elements in the books. The postmodern practices in her poetry become bearers of the relaxing and recreational function of literature. These signs are included in the subject matter, language and composition of her prose works: Parker (2000), Dvanásť poviedok a Ján Med or Twelve Stories and Ján Med (2003), and Plán odprevádzania – Café Hyena or Seeing People Off – Café Hyena (2008).

Blesok no. 74, September-October, 2010
      prose: Seeing People Off


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