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Nataša Avramovska

Nataša AVRAMOVSKA (b. 1965). PhD, Professor at the Institute of Macedonian Literature – Skopje, Dept. of Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature and graduate Cultural Studies (field: Literature), Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje.
Book Publications:
The Travesty of Oral History: The Narrative Cryptogram of Petre M. Andreevski (Menora, Skopje, 1999); Ex Libris (Menora, Skopje, 2000); Into the Moving Power of De-realization (The Double-Layered Bottom of Macedonian Drama; Kultura, Skopje, 2004); Autobiography in the Macedonian Literary 19th Century (Institute of Macedonia Literature, Skopje, 2004);. Us in Time (Magor, Skopje, 2006); In the World of Words (Dijalog, Skopje 2011).
Interpretations Vol.4/5 New Literary Theory and Hermeneutics (MANU, Skopje, 2011, with K. Kulavkova).
Cultural Life (Културен живот), since 2004. Literary Context (Книжевен контекст), 2004-2009.
Translates from Croatian and German into Macedonian.
Areas of Research Interest:
Macedonian Literature, General and Comparative Literature, Narratology (novel, autobiography), Dramatology, Gender and Critical Theory.

Nataša Avramovska was editor of Blesok Essays and Blesok Reviews.

Blesok no. 103-104, December, 2015
      reviews: Poetic Creation Myth

Blesok no. 107, May 2016
      reviews: Reading the Light

Blesok no. 86, September-October, 2012
      reviews: Aspects of a Dialogical Study of Macedonian and Croatian Drama

Blesok no. 88, January-February, 2013
      reviews: Mueller's The Hamletmachine at the National Theatre in Bitola

Blesok no. 90, May-June, 2013
      essays: The Fairy Tale and the Magical: The Chronotope of the South-Slavic Balkans


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