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Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser

Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser, PhD works in Institute of Macedonian Literature, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, as researcher and professor in the Department for Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature. She was founder and editor of the first specialized revue for comparative literature and culture in Macedonia - Context. Her scientific works deal with the problems of literary theory and comparative literature. She is member of REELC/ENCLS, ICLA and Association of Macedonian Writers. Books published (in Macedonian): Pulsative Philology: Theoretical and Methodological Principles of Mikhail Bakhtin (1995), Game-writing: Essays on Literary Ludicism (2004), Comparative Slavistics (2005) Bite the Apple (Anthology of Macedonian Contemporary Erotic Prose) (2006), Comparative Literature: Reader, Theories of Otherness (2007), Equilibrium (published in Macedonian and in English, 2009).

Blesok no. 84, May-June, 2012
      reviews: A Book on Cultural Dialogue

Blesok no. 85, July-August, 2012
      reviews: Poetic Trigonometry: On the European Native and European Alien


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