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Vasja Ivanovski

Born in Ljubljana, Slovenija on April 26th, 1949.
Engaged in music media as journalist and radio personality for more than 30 years.
Contributing author to numerous music related magazines in Macedonia and abroad.
Has interviewed people like B.B.King, Jack Bruce, Peter Green, Lucky Peterson, Michael Hill, Phil Guy, Scott Henderson, Sam Brown (Big Brother & The Holding Company), Kim Simmonds (Savoy Brown) and many others.
Acting as an artistic director for Skopje Blues & Soul Festival in the last four years.


Vasja Ivanovski wass editor of Blesok Sound

Blesok no. 08, April-May, 1999
      sound, reviews: Interview with Bernard Allison

Blesok no. 15, June-July, 2000
      sound, reviews: Interview with Matt O'Ree

Blesok no. 16, August-September, 2000
      sound, reviews: Skopje Blues Earthquake

Blesok no. 17, October-November, 2000
      sound, reviews: Interview with Kim Simmonds

Blesok no. 18, January, 2001
      sound, reviews: Interview with Sam Andrew

Blesok no. 19, February-March, 2001
      sound, reviews: Interview with Van Wilks

Blesok no. 21, June-July, 2001
      sound, reviews: Interview with Koko Taylor

Blesok no. 22, August-September, 2001
      sound, reviews: Denny Freeman - Gray Eminence of the Texas Blues
      sound, reviews: Dixiefrog Records

Blesok no. 23, October-November, 2001
      sound, reviews: Interview with Javier Vargas
      sound, reviews: Recommended Albums

Blesok no. 24, January-February, 2002
      sound, reviews: Interview with Scott Henderson

Blesok no. 25, March-April, 2002
      sound, reviews: Interview with Michael Hill

Blesok no. 26, May-June, 2002
      sound, reviews: An Obligation to Keep the Blues Alive

Blesok no. 27, July-August, 2002
      sound, reviews: Interview with Jennifer Batten

Blesok no. 29, November-December, 2002
      sound, reviews: Interview with Coco Montoya

Blesok no. 30, January-February, 2003
      sound, reviews: Interview with Tony Vega

Blesok no. 32, May-June, 2003
      sound, reviews: Interview with Johnny Winter
      sound, reviews: Recommended albums

Blesok no. 33, July-August, 2003
      sound, reviews: Skopje Blues & Soul Festival, 2003

Blesok no. 34, September-October, 2003
      sound, reviews: Paramecium
      sound, reviews: Recommended listening

Blesok no. 43, July-August, 2005
      sound, reviews: Skopje Blues & Soul 2005
      sound, reviews: Interview with Devon Allman
      sound, reviews: Interview with Coen Walters

Blesok no. 45, November-December, 2005
      sound, reviews: Interview with Matt O'Ree

Blesok no. 46, January-February, 2006
      sound, reviews: Interview with Innes Sibun

Blesok no. 47, March-April, 2006
      sound, reviews: Recommended listening

Blesok no. 48, May-June,2006
      sound, reviews: Dixiefrog Records 20th Anniversary

Blesok no. 49, July-August, 2006
      sound, reviews: Skopje Blues & Soul Festival 2006

Blesok no. 52, January-February, 2007
      sound, reviews: Crosscut Records News

Blesok no. 53, March-April, 2007
      sound, reviews: Recommended Albums

Blesok no. 54, May-June, 2007
      sound, reviews: Skopje Blues & Soul Festival, 2007

Blesok no. 55, July-August, 2007
      sound, reviews: Skopje Blues & Soul Festival 2007

Blesok no. 58, January-February, 2008
      sound, reviews: Recommended Albums

Blesok no. 59, March-April, 2008
      sound, reviews: Recommended music
      sound, reviews: Vlatko Stefanovski is recording a blues album

Blesok no. 61-62, July-October, 2008
      sound, reviews: Skopje Blues & Soul Festival 2008


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