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Jovan Koteski

poet. Born 14th January 1932 in the village of Prisovjani, Struga. Died 12th July, 2001. Finished secondary education. Worked as a journalist with “Nova Makedonija”. Was President of the Council of the Struga Poetry Evenings Festival. Member of the Macedonian P.E.N. Centre. Member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association since 1956.
Works: A smile before dawn (1958), Land and Passion (1958), Evil times (1963), Heaviness (1965), Peplosija (1966), Shadows (1972), Green Gates (1975), Heraklea (1978), Sea-boards (1981), Wakes and Dreams (1982), A Chandelier (1983), Fruits (1984), A Title Deed (1985), Live fire (1990), Grindstone of the Sun (1990), Shivers (1991), A mouse with binoculars (poetry for children, 1991), A plough handle (1992), Evil Times (1992), A Cradle (1994), Loneliness (1994), Festivity (bibliographical edition - manuscript, 1995), A Searcher (narrative poem, 1995), A Lattice (1996), Machine-gun Fire (2000).
Awards include: “Koco Racin”, “Narcisa”, “Aco Sopov”, “Grigor Prlicev (for poem), “Miladinov Brothers”.

Blesok no. 03, June-July, 1998
      poetry: Death of the Warrior


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