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Jadranka Vladova

Dr. Jadranka Vladova (1956-2004) was teaching World literature and Children’s Literature at the University in Skopje.
She is author of: two books with short stories - Scarbo in my yard (1986); Water Seal (1990); four children’s novels – Devising of the World (1991); My friend A (1992); The Girl with Two Names (1993); Seeing in the Mirror (1998); a Critical Study Fascination of the Word (1984); a text-book of literature for the first grade of grammar-school (1997), a Macedonian-Czech Dictionary (1998), a children’s book with photographs (by Vladimir Todorov) - Children Just Like Me – version of UNICEF’s book for children of Macedonia (2000), a Foundations of Democracy – text-book for primary school (2000), The Poem in the Primary Education of Literature (2000).
She was a member of the Association of Macedonian writers and member of the Macedonian P.E.N.
She was editor-in-chief of Lettre internationale – Macedonian version.

Died in December 2004, in Skopje.

Blesok no. 02, April-May, 1998
      reviews: Living оnly оne Love Story even after the Death

Blesok no. 14, April-May, 2000
      reviews: The Silence of Miloševska's Powerful Whisper

Blesok no. 19, February-March, 2001
      reviews: Narcissism and (Self)pleasure in the Text

Blesok no. 26, May-June, 2002
      prose: The Same


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