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Robert Alagjozovski

Robert Alagjozovski, born, 27.10.1973., Strumica, SFRY. Following the general socio-economic and political-culturological trend in his country, he has opened intelectual drugstore (unregistrated), with non-stop working hours. Until now his brand has produced this:

- Master of Arts in the Department of General and Comparative Literature at The Faculty of Philology in Skopje (theme - "The Theoretical and poetical aspects of the Macedonian postmodernist prose");
- reader of artistic and non-artistic texts "Florilegium" (on Internet, by Blesok);
- over 150 reviews, critics, essays, articles and dozen of studies from the film, literature, theatre and interdisciplinary themes, published in several newspappers and magazins: "Kinopis", " Nashe Pismo", "Margina", "Shine", "Urban Magazine", "Teatarski Glasnik", "Scena","Studentski zbor", "Dnevnik", "Balcanis", "Transitions on line", "";
- several translations of texts and books for Margina, Blesok, Magor, Eurobalkan;
- participation in several simposiums, summer schools seminars, debates (in organisation of the Cinemateque of Macedonia, Faculty of philology-Skopje, TransEuropeennes-Paris, Eurobalkan Skopje, Zenske Studije - Zagreb, Templum, Tochka etc.);
- cooperation with Macedonian National Television and Sitel Television;
- participation in two election circles (Local 2000 and Parliamentary 2002).

For his succesful work and conscious contribution he has recieved the following rewards and status symbols:
- editor for culture in"Studentski zbor" (2000-2002);
- editor for theatre in "Blesok|Shine" (2002-2005);
- reward on the poetry festival "Potkozjacki sredbi", Kumanovo, 1994;
- second prise for short story at the traditional competition of "Studentski Zbor" (1997);
- participation in Katica Kjulavkova anthology of short stories "Caesarian cut";
- presidency in FSM (Youth hostel Asossiation of Macedonia);
presidency in the League for Democracy (0.4% popularity);
- presidency in the Board of Transeuropeennes-Makedonija (in a process of closing).

His Astrological sign is Scorpio-Gemini-Scorpio...


Books by Robert Alagjozovski published by Blesok:



Collection by Robert Alagjozovski, eBook, in Macedonian. 


Блесок - избор: Еа.01

Selected essays, edited by Robert Alagjozovski, eBook, in Macedonian.



Collection by Robert Alagjozovski, eBook, in English.

Translated by: Petar Volnarovski.


Blesok - selection: Ea.01

Selected essays, edited by Robert Alagjozovski, eBook, in English.

Blesok no. 19, February-March, 2001
      gallery, reviews: A Spectral View over the Ideological Aspects of O. Stone's and S. Lee's Work

Blesok no. 26, May-June, 2002
      theatre, reviews: Essaysm as we have less and less

Blesok no. 27, July-August, 2002
      gallery, reviews: The Postmodernism in the Macedonian Film – Part I

Blesok no. 28, September-October, 2002
      gallery, reviews: The Postmodernism in the Macedonian Film – part II

Blesok no. 30, January-February, 2003
      theatre, reviews: The Ready-Made and the Macedonian Theater

Blesok no. 34, September-October, 2003
      gallery, reviews: Sorrow for Guerreνικα

Blesok no. 39, November-December, 2004
      reviews: House/Threshold-Horizon: Nomadic Experience


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