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Wadih Sa'adeh

I was born in a peaceful village called Shabtin, in northern Lebanon. It was a place where the people, fields, trees, rocks, birds and animals were one family.
I was about twelve years old when I moved to Beirut. Everything was different, and I was filled with a profound feeling of desolation. It was at this time I began to experiment with poetry, perhaps to escape from this feeling. Whatever the reason, poetry became my companion.
After travelling to many countries - England, France, Cyprus, Greece, searching for my place in this world, I emigrated to Australia with my family in November, 1988. The war in Lebanon was not the only reason for this.
Poetry is not just an expression of the past, it is an act of creation, a dream of renewal, the only way for me to recreate myself as I would wish to be.

Blesok no. 26, May-June, 2002
      poetry: Life There


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