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Žarko Kujundžiski

Zharko Kujundzhiski (1980, Skopje) is a Fourth year student at the Department of World and Comparative literature, Faculty of philology, Sts. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje. He has published prose writings and essays in periodic. Winner of several awards at different short story, essay and drama writing competition. Between 1998-2000 he has been the director in a couple of amateur theatre groups. He has also collaborated with several news-papers and magazines (“Dnevnik”, “Mlad Borec”, “Kinopis”, “Profil”, “Studentski Zbor”). At the moment he is the editor-in-chief of “Loza”, the literature magazine of the students at the Faculty of philology.

Blesok no. 26, May-June, 2002
      gallery, reviews: Macedonian Rashomon

Blesok no. 31, March-April, 2003
      reviews: Blaže Koneski as Translator and Record Taker of Texts

Blesok no. 33, July-August, 2003
      gallery, reviews: Amelie Poulain:


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