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Emilija Mataničkova

Emilija Matanichkova (1978) is attending the postgraduate theatre studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Skopje. She finnished the Philology faculty and received the degree as professor and philologist in Macedonian literature and Southern-Slavic literatures with Macedonian language.
She writes poetry and some of her works are published in "Almanach" and "Loza"- a newspaper from/for students on the Philology faculty.
She has published several texts for theatre and music in the "Urban magazine".
She’s also a contributor to the newspaper "Kumanovski bulevar".
Since 2000 she works for the newspaper "Studentski zbor" with reviews covering poetry, prose and particularly theatre and drama.

Emilija Mataničkova was editor of Blesok Theater.

Blesok no. 31, March-April, 2003
      theatre, reviews: Dejan Dukovski’s Dramaturgy

Blesok no. 32, May-June, 2003
      theatre, reviews: The Philosophy of the Creative Work

Blesok no. 33, July-August, 2003
      theatre, reviews: From the 38th Theatre Festival “Vojdan Černodrinski”

Blesok no. 35, March-April, 2004
      theatre, reviews: Freedom to Women ... Death to Tragedy


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