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Slavica Janešlieva

Born in Skopje, Macedonia, in 1973.
BFA 1996, Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje,Printmaking Department.
MFA 1998, Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje.
Lives and works in Skopje.

Solo exhibitions:

2005 -Stories, Gallery MC, New York
2004 -Narratives and Symbols, National Gallery, Skopje; Gallery Swan, Gevgelija; Art Gallery, Strumica
2002 -A Cry, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje
2001 -Story Telling (updated), CIX Gallery, Skopje
-Remembering an Idealist, Gallery "Stepen", Cultural Location "Mesto", Skopje
-Story Telling and video performance All My Bicycles, Gallery Open, Bratislava, Slovakia
2000 -Story Telling, Künstlerhaus, Boswil, Switzerland
1999 -Reading the Clouds, CIX Gallery, Skopje
1998 -Graphic Installation Letters, Open Graphic Studio, Skopje
1997 -Exhibition of prints - project Sheep Fold, MKC, Skopje
1996 -Exhibition of prints, Art Gallery, Bitola, Macedonia

Selected group exhibitions:

-Global Fusion Close Up, urban art, Vienna; Melbourne
-Contemporary Macedonian Art, Gallery MC, New York
-International Triennial of Miniature Art, Tama Art University, Tokyo
-New Art, Museum of Contemporary Art in collaboration with the British Embassy in Macedonia, Skopje
-Alian Body, Skopje City Museum, Skopje


-Cosmopolis 1 - Microcosmos x Macrocosmos, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonika
-ReAffiliations: Sightings, National Art Gallery, Sofia; National Gallery, Skopje
-Macedonian Artists, Lincoln Center, New York City; Woterworks Visual Arts Center, Salisbury, North Carolina
-Multiplication - The Macedonian Way, Open Graphic Studio, Skopje
-Prints from the Balkans - International Print Triennial, Dalarnas Museum, Falun, Sweden
-12th International Biennial of Small Format, Cultural Center, Nismes-Viroinval, Belgium
-4th International Print Biennial, National Gallery, Sofia


-Dialogues-Macedonian Art Today, Unesco Gallery, Paris; Ministry of Culture, Rome; (2004)Podgorica, Montenegro
-6th Mondial Triennial of Small Sized Prints, Association Mouvement Art Contemporain, Chamalières, France
-We Are The Weather - Second Biennial of Contemporary Visual Arts By Balkan Female Artists, National Art Gallery, Sofia
-Balkan Video & Digital Arts Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia
-The Masters of Graphic Arts - 7th International Biennial of Drawing and Graphics, Municipal Museum of Arts, Györ, Hungary
-The Conceptual Discourse in Macedonia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje
-4th International Print Triennial, Museum and Gallery, Bitola, Macedonia
-International Mini-Print Biennial, Festival of Graphic Arts, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
-2nd International Mini-Print Biennial, Arabati Baba Gallery, Tetovo, Macedonia


-Body Thinks, Open Graphic Studio, Skopje, Macedonia
-22nd Nadezda Petrovic Memorial, Art Gallery "Nadezda Petrovic", Cacak, Yugoslavia
-Bound/less Borders, Goethe Institute Inter Nationes, public art project with billboards, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, (travelled to Skopje, Sofia, Bucharest, Saraevo, Kassel)
-Who Am I?, Gallery of Belgrade Cultural Centre, Belgrade; City Museum, Skopje
-Links, Graphica Creativa - 10th Triennial, Jyväskylä Art Museum, Jyväskylä, Finland
-Small Graphic Forms, City Art Gallery, Lódz, Poland


-Small Talks, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje
-Perfect Match, exhibition of public art projects, City Shopping Mall, Skopje
-Selection 2000, Art Gallery, Strumica, Macedonia
-5th International Print Biennial - Dry Point, City Gallery, Uzice, Srbia
-5 Contemporary Macedonian Printmakers, Gallery Cvadrato di Omega, Rome


-Artist(s) in Residence (participation in the project of Luchezar Boyadziev), part 2 "Social Reality/Existence/Politics", L'autre moitie de l'Europe, Jeu de Paume, Paris
-Communication. Experience of interaction., Almaty Buisiness Center, Almaty, Kazahstan
-Graphic Experiment 2, Open Graphic Studio, Skope
-6th International Biennial of Miniature Prints, Moderna Gallery, Gornji Milanovac, Srbia
-1st Cheju International Print Art Festival, Gallery of Cheju and Sogwipo Kidang, Cheju, Seoul, Korea
-Cleaning Material Store, Window Gallery, Istanbul


-Matrix, Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste
-The First Peep-show in the City, CIX Gallery, Skopje
-4th International Triennial Exhibition of Prints, Ino-cho Paper Museum, Kochi-shi, Japan
-12th German International Exhibition of Graphic Art, Stadtsaal, Frechen, Germany
-International Small Engraving Salon, Florean Museum, Carbunar, Romania
-2nd International Ex-libris Exhibition, Kortil Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia


-Young Macedonian Artists, Gallery of "Doma Omladine", Belgrade
-5th Biennial of Graphic Art, Cvijeta Zuzoric Art Pavilion, Belgrade, Serbia
-International Small Print Exhibition, Townhouse Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
-2nd International Biennial of Small Size Works, Gallery "Zyhdi", Raciborz, Poland
-International Miniature Print Exhibit, Municipal Hall, Barcelona


-Graphic Experiment, Open Graphic Studio, Skopje
-19th International Exhibition of Prints, Prefectural Gallery, Kanagawa, Japan
-SIAB '97, City Museum, Skopje
-International Biennial of Small Size Prints, Gallery "Sunce", Leskovac, Srbia
-4th Block-International Triennial, Karkiv, Ukraine

2004 - Purchase Award, 35th Exhibition of prints, Skopje
2003 - Atanas Muchev Award, Selection 2002, Strumica
- DENES Award, Nominated Artists Exhibition, Annual Award by the Civil Society Foundarion in New York, Trust for Mutual Understanding and the Contemporary Art Center in Macedonia, Skopje
2001 - First Prize, 1st International Mini Print Triennial, Tetovo
- Grand Prix, 5th Biennial of the youth artists, Skopje
2000 - Purchase Award, 3rd International Print Triennial, Bitola
- Ratko Nestorovski - Kines Award, Revijalna exhibition, Skopje
1998 - Purchase Award, 28th Exhibition of prints, Skopje
1997 - Second prize, SIAB '97, Skopje

Works purchased for collections:

-Skopje, Macedonia, National Gallery
-Juvaskyla, Finland, Jyvaskyla Art Museum
-Washington D.C., USA, World Bank

Blesok no. 45, November-December, 2005
      gallery, exhibition:

Blesok no. 57, November-December, 2007
      gallery, exhibition:


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