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 Blesok no. 99 November-December, 2014
  Vladislav Hristov: Тransformation
  Damir Šodan: Across the street from Spinozas house
  Efe Duyan: Looking at You
  Yiorgos Chouliaras: The cabaret
 Blesok no. 98 September-October, 2014
  Marko Tomaš: When I Return From War
  Gjoko Zdravеski: Freedom
 Blesok no. 97 July-August, 2014
  Ilya Kaminsky: Dancing In Odessa
  Zvonko Karanović: Cinderella in Chrome Casket
 Blesok no. 96 May-June, 2014
  Gorana Mitrović: Indigo Autumn
  D.A. Lori: Awaking in Third Person Singular
 Blesok no. 95 March-April, 2014
  Jürgen Nendza: On Some Days
  Ilina Jakimovska: The Beautiful City
 Blesok no. 94 January-February, 2014
  Josip Osti: In No Man's Land
  Branko Čegec: Full Month in Istanbul
 Blesok no. 93 November-December, 2013
  Dejan Matić: And other salutary walks
  Ivan Hristov: Lakes in Wisconsin
 Blesok no. 92 September-October, 2013
  Rodaan Al Galidi: Rodaan Al Galidi’s Miracle Egg
  Zoran Bejkovski: The Death of a Siamese Twin
 Blesok no. 91 July-August, 2013
  Marija Doneva: Golden Angels
  Rumen Leonidov: What an Awful Pleasure
 Blesok no. 90 May-June, 2013
  Milan Dobričić: A Planet of Robots
  Veronika Dintinjana: Tree Full of Selected Rain
 Blesok no. 89 March-April, 2013
  Risto Lazarov: The Daylight of History
  Sonja Manojlović: So What If I Live Unskillfully
 Blesok no. 88 January-February, 2013
  Erik Lindner: Tramontana
  Michael Krüger: After the Rain
  Rainer Maria Rilke: Poems
 Blesok no. 87 November-December, 2012
  Iman Mersal: Why Did She Come?
  Bengt Berg: Simplicity
 Blesok no. 86 September-October, 2012
  Mircea Cărtărescu: Not a Thing about Survival Technique
  Nurit Zarchi: I don’t get involved in my neighbors’ lives
 Blesok no. 85 July-August, 2012
  Ivan Djeparoski: Too Many and Too Few
  Josip Osti: I Love Life, Yet Death Loves Me
 Blesok no. 84 May-June, 2012
  Azita Ghahreman: Sunday Becomes Lost Here
  Ricardo Domeneck: No Vacancies
 Blesok no. 83 March-April, 2012
  João Luís Barreto Guimarães: Introduction to nihilism
  Svetlana Hristova-Jocić: The Prayer
 Blesok no. 82 January-February, 2012
  Hal Sirowitz: Down with Adults
  Bogomil Gjuzel: Surviving
 Blesok no. 80-81 September-December, 2011
  Mile Stojić: Celestial Hostel
  Boris Domagoj Biletić: I Have a Word
 Blesok no. 77-79 March-August, 2011
  Ana Ristović: Face to Face
  Josip Osti: An Unwritten Poem
 Blesok no. 76 January-February, 2011
  Katica Kulavkova: Erased Spaces
  Ronny Someck: Asphalt Dragons
 Blesok no. 75 November-December, 2010
  Ivan Herceg: The passage towards you
  Tihomir Jančovski: Love Dies and Other Poems
  Mehmed Begić: I know you know
 Blesok no. 74 September-October, 2010
  Ján Ondruš: Well
  Viera Prokešová: Tenderness
  Ivan Kupec: Auschwitz Night
 Blesok no. 71-73 March-August, 2010
  Branko Čegec: Breath-hold diving
  Pavle Goranović: Reading of silence
  Aleš Debeljak: Cosmopolis
 Blesok no. 70 January-February, 2010
  Uri Hollander: Days of the Tel-Aviv Conservatory
  Raman Mundair: Last Night A Poet Saved My Life
  Efe Duyan: Missing Piece
 Blesok no. 69 November-December, 2009
  Igor Isakovski: The Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn
  Josip Osti: Tonight the Snow Smells of You
 Blesok no. 67-68 July-October, 2009
  Jovica Ivanovski: One of These Days If Not Tomorrow
  Sibila Petlevski: Joined Faces
 Blesok no. 66 May-June, 2009
  Damir Šodan: Karma repair procedure
  Delimir Rešicki: Dobova
  Marko Pogačar: Violently Interrupted Poem
 Blesok no. 65 March-April, 2009
  Henk van Kerkwijk: In Praise of Innocence
  Triztan Vindtorn: Grimaces of Language
 Blesok no. 64 January-February, 2009
  Lucija Stupica: Choosing the Key
  Josip Osti: Way to the Graveyard
 Blesok no. 63 November-December, 2008
  Branko Čegec: Seven Windows Fronting the Courtyard of Gundulić Street
  Aleksandra Dimitrova: Goddess of the Feral Cats
 Blesok no. 61-62 July-October, 2008
  Borivoj Bukva: The Wind and I
  Tone Škrjanec: Calm
 Blesok no. 60 May-June, 2008
  Ronny Someck: She called me Peugeot because for her I was 306
  Ante Popovski: Leaning on its shadow
 Blesok no. 59 March-April, 2008
  Vera Čejkovska: from “Edges”
  Katica Kulavkova: Premature Awakening
 Blesok no. 58 January-February, 2008
  Borče Panov: Game of the Shadows
  A.B. Jackson: From “Fire Stations”
  Zvonko Maković: In Poems It Always Looks Different
 Blesok no. 57 November-December, 2007
  Fiona Sampson: The Plunge
  Jyrki Kiiskinen: From Kun elän (“As I Live”)
 Blesok no. 56 September-October, 2007
  Stanislava Chrobáková Repar: Exhibition First Night
  Esad Babačić: Divan
  Violeta Tančeva-Zlateva: Without surrealism
 Blesok no. 55 July-August, 2007
  Aleš Mustar: from “C(o)urt Interpretations”
  Tarek Eltayeb: Walking in a Shadow
 Blesok no. 54 May-June, 2007
  Jack Galmitz: from “For a Sparrow”
  Ewa Sonnenberg: Heart’s Road
  Nikola Madžirov: from “Relocated stone”
  Mahmoud Darwish: They Would Love To See Me Dead
  Josip Osti: from “Day and Night of Everyday”
 Blesok no. 53 March-April, 2007
  Usha Akkela: Write a Poem like Pouring Tea
  Elizabeth Bishop: Insomnia
  Meta Kušar: from “Ljubljana,” 2004
 Blesok no. 52 January-February, 2007
  Zoran Bognar: The Echo of Their Thoughts
  Predrag Lucić: Çok seni severam & other barely explainable poems
  Tihomir Jančovski: New poems
 Blesok no. 51 November-December, 2006
  Jure Novak: Early
  Primož Repar: Requiem for a Girl
  Iztok Osojnik: from “Mister Today”
  Milan Dekleva: Mushi, mushi
 Blesok no. 50 September-October, 2006
  Olja Savičević Ivančević: Market Day
  Hans van de Waarsenburg: The Nonexistent Spaces
  Josip Osti: House of Language
  Petre M. Andreevski: Three Poems
 Blesok no. 49 July-August, 2006
  Vojislav Karanović: Elegy About an Acacia Under the Window
  Petar T. Boškovski: Two Poems
  Yasuhiro Yotsumoto: The Starboard of My Wife
 Blesok no. 48 May-June,2006
  Pat Boran: Answering Machine
  Volja Gapeeva: Compulsory Happiness
  Asher Reich: The Book
 Blesok no. 47 March-April, 2006
  Elizabeta Drakulovska: Of the Light
  Jovica Ivanovski: Would You Care for a Lifting
  Fiona Sampson: Bicycle Music
 Blesok no. 46 January-February, 2006
  Anna Aguilar-Amat: Selected poems from “Música i escorbut”
  Branko Čegec: 20th Century Fox
  Jack Galmitz: Rockdove
 Blesok no. 45 November-December, 2005
  Magdalena Horvat: This Is It, Your
  Denise Levertov: Talking to Grief
  Slađan Lipovec: Emily Dickinson In My Town
 Blesok no. 44 September-October, 2005
  Boban Bogatinovski: Virtual Park
  M.T.C. Cronin: The Ridiculous Shape of Longing
 Blesok no. 43 July-August, 2005
  Amir Or: Language Says
  Tim Philips: After a War
 Blesok no. 42 May-June, 2005
  Robert Adamson: Letter to Robert Creeley
  Luis Benítez: The Ever Changing
  Elizabeta Bakovska: Conditions of Body and Mind After You Turn Thirty
  Robert Creely: Goodbye
 Blesok no. 41 March-April, 2005
  Zvonko Taneski: Paparazzi
  Ana Ristović: Snow in your shoes
  W.S. Merwin: My friends
 Blesok no. 40 January-February, 2005
  Craig Czury: Wide digital almost sky
  William Stafford: How These Words Happened
 Blesok no. 39 November-December, 2004
  Elizabeta Bakovska: How I Loved You
  Yehuda Amichai: Advice for good love
 Blesok no. 38 September-October, 2004
  Czesław Miłosz: So Little
  Brane Mozetič: from Banalities
 Blesok no. 37 July-August, 2004
  Pavle Goranović: What Books Smell Like
  Tihomir Jančovski: Pere-Lachaise
 Blesok no. 36 May-June, 2004
  Boban Bogatinovski: The dream of the dolphin
  Gil Scott-Heron: Revolution Will Not Be Televised
  Mahmoud Darwish: Poems
 Blesok no. 35 March-April, 2004
  Josip Osti: Poems
  Roy Chicky Arad: Kimo
  Ljupčo Dimitrovski: Generics
 Blesok no. 34 September-October, 2003
  Asmir Kujović: Journal
  Muniam Alfaker: Notes
 Blesok no. 33 July-August, 2003
  Alenka Zorman: An Inner Liberation
  Lindita Ahmeti: Slabing of Yellowness
  Michael Farrell: Whose pleasure
 Blesok no. 32 May-June, 2003
  Georgi Rupchev: Change of the Night Guard
  Louise Glück: Matins
 Blesok no. 31 March-April, 2003
  Jim McGarrah: Self Portrait at Sunrise
  Gilles Fabre: Haiku
  Melissa Fondakowski: Planes That I am in Do Not Crash
 Blesok no. 30 January-February, 2003
  Faraj Bou al-Isha: Sleep
  Sargon Boulus: The Face
  Daniel Banulescu: You'll shrivel, you'll be an exotic fruit
 Blesok no. 29 November-December, 2002
  Jovica Ivanovski: Start without me
  Georgi Gospodinov: Kind of end
  Primož Čučnik: The Scent of Tea
 Blesok no. 28 September-October, 2002
  Hanyong Jeong: Nana Stories
  Ioan Flora: Medea and Her War Machines
  David Holler: Sometimes
 Blesok no. 27 July-August, 2002
  Three English Poets (Jonson, Donne, Milton): Selected Poems
  Wislawa Szymborska: Possibilities
  Hoda Ablan: Setting sail
 Blesok no. 26 May-June, 2002
  Wadih Sa'adeh: Life There
  Atanas Vangelov: Beauteous Church
 Blesok no. 25 March-April, 2002
  Vera Čejkovska: Fine
  Vesna Acevska: Preparing for the Performance
 Blesok no. 24 January-February, 2002
  Jon Milos: What happiness
  Hans van de Waarsenburg: from “Selected Poems (1980-2000)”
 Blesok no. 23 October-November, 2001
  Jordan Danilovski: The Dead Poet and the Young Lady
  Srbo Ivanovski: The Return of the Defeated
 Blesok no. 22 August-September, 2001
  Sharon Haas: Transparency
  Blaže Koneski: Heavenly River
  Ante Popovski: My Blue Bird
 Blesok no. 21 June-July, 2001
  Maja Apostoloska: It Should Have Been Concluded
  Marian Draghici: The Sniper
  Ivica Anteski: My Pupils Grow Wide…
 Blesok no. 20 April-May, 2001
  Gane Todorovski: Prayer
  Nataša Bunteska: Personal Gifts
  Georgi Konstantinov: Home
 Blesok no. 19 February-March, 2001
  Hebert Abimorad: Fragment
  Emil Kaleškovski: A Being
 Blesok no. 18 January, 2001
  Sylvia Plath: Lady Lazarus
  Erik Menkveld: Selected poetry from some of the participants at the poetry festival “Vilenica 2000”
  Janis Elsbergs: Selected poetry from some of the participants at the poetry festival “Vilenica 2000”
 Blesok no. 17 October-November, 2000
  Katherine Pierpoint: Selected poetry from some of the participants at the poetry festival “Vilenica 2000”
  Bart FM Droog: Selected poetry from some of the participants at the poetry festival “Vilenica 2000”
  Istvan Voros: Selected poetry from some of the participants at the poetry festival “Vilenica 2000”
 Blesok no. 16 August-September, 2000
  Gordana Mihailova-Bošankoska: Objects
  Leonard Cohen: You Have Loved Enough
 Blesok no. 15 June-July, 2000
  Apolon Gilevski: Horse Rider
  Risto Lazarov: Siljan the Stork Flies over Macedonia Once Again
 Blesok no. 14 April-May, 2000
  Primož Repar: The Chosen
  Amir Or: I Look through the Monkeys’ Eyes
  Mateja Matevski: Delphi
 Blesok no. 13 February-March, 2000
  P.H. Liotta: The Exile's Return
  Ronny Someck: Testifying to Beauty
  Teuta Arifi: The Song of Songs
 Blesok no. 12 January, 2000
  Arif Kudairi: Had We Met Before
  Lidija Dimkovska: Book: Genesis
  Janko Ninov: Death of the Mountain
 Blesok no. 118 March-April, 2018
  Ingrid Jonker: Selected Poems
  Neva Lukić: Poetry
 Blesok no. 117 December, 2017
  Aleš Mustar: Poetry
 Blesok no. 116 October-November, 2014
 Blesok no. 114-115 July-August, 2017
  Mitko Apostolov: Poetry
 Blesok no. 113 May-June, 2017
  John Keats: Poems
 Blesok no. 112 March-April, 2017
  Josip Kocev: Poetry
  Marko Tomaš: Selected Poems
 Blesok no. 111 January, 2017
  Gjoko Zdravеski: Poetry
 Blesok no. 110 October-November, 2016
  Chris Song: Poetry
  Ron Koertge: Poems
 Blesok no. 108-109 July-August, 2016
  Bojan Marjanović: Politics, Pornography, Poetry
 Blesok no. 107 May 2016
  Paula Bozalongo: Poetry
  Goran Colakhodzić: Poetry
 Blesok no. 106 March-April, 2016
  Dijala Hasanbegović: Poetry
  Aleš Debeljak: Poetry
 Blesok no. 105 January, 2016
  Nikolina Andova Shopova: Poetry
 Blesok no. 103-104 December, 2015
  Alen Bešić: Poetry
  Slavcho Koviloski: Poetry
  Tihomir Jančovski: Poetry
 Blesok no. 101-102 November-December, 2015
  Ahmed Burić: Poetry
  Denisa Duran: I Am Still Young
  Istok Ulchar: Poetry
 Blesok no. 10-11 August-November, 1999
  Claude Freeman: Boreal
  Katica Kulavkova: Leviathan: The White Whale
 Blesok no. 100 September, 2015
  Branko Čegec: Podgorica, prologue
  Gökçenur Ç.: Two Starry Poems for Igor
  Gorana Mitrović: The City Is Empty
  Jovica Ivanovski: I Couldn’t Find Your Grave
  Ronny Someck: DJ Blues at the Shelter for Abused Women
  Xhabir Deralla: Let Your Life Ring Even When It Is Gone
  Igor Isakovski: from So Yes poetry collection "Дека да"
 Blesok no. 09 June-July, 1999
  Nikola Madžirov: I Came from Another World
  Petar T. Boškovski: The Second Sin of the East
 Blesok no. 08 April-May, 1999
  Slave Gjorgjo Dimoski: A Dark Horse Over the Mountain
  Zoran Ančevski: The Balkans
 Blesok no. 07 February-March, 1999
  Sande Stojčevski: Torch
  Branko Cvetkoski: Eastern Night Ripens
 Blesok no. 06 January, 1999
  Igor Isakovski: Pieces
  Vlada Urošević: Bad Dreams
 Blesok no. 05 October-November, 1998
  Bratislav Taškovski: Bulls in My Blood
  Radovan Pavlovski: selection from “Vigils”
 Blesok no. 04 August-September, 1998
  Aleksandar Prokopiev: Cats
  Suzana V. Spasovska: My Eve
  Petre M. Andreevski: Round Shapes
 Blesok no. 03 June-July, 1998
  Liljana Dirjan: Purple
  Jovan Koteski: Death of the Warrior
 Blesok no. 02 April-May, 1998
  Eftim Kletnikov: Orgy
  Duško Nanevski: A Poem Of Ohrid
  Lidija V. Kekenovska: Allow Me to Spit
 Blesok no. 01 March, 1998
  Oktaj Ahmed: 3 poems
  Bogomil Gjuzel: The Scapegoat
  Mihail Rendžov: The Poem And The Butterfly

literature: poetry | prose | essays | reviews
exhibition | reviews | video  sound: concert | reviews  theatre: theory | reviews | play


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