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 Blesok no. 99 November-December, 2014
  Zvonko Taneski: True Poetic Flow
 Blesok no. 98 September-October, 2014
  Vasko Maglešov: The Body as a Psychosomatic Atlas
  Venko Andonovski: About the Novel “Apparitions with Silver Threads” by Kalina Maleska
 Blesok no. 97 July-August, 2014
  Aleksandra Jurukovska: Honey-coloured fairy tales
  Kristina Dimovska: Fight or Flight?
 Blesok no. 96 May-June, 2014
  Kalina Maleska: The Literary Work does not have Its Own Logic
  Jasna Koteska: Novel of a New Narrative Youth
 Blesok no. 95 March-April, 2014
  Christopher Trogan: The Unspoken Possibility of Language
  Rebecca Gould: On Palestinian Art
 Blesok no. 94 January-February, 2014
  Benjamin Keatinge: Pinter in Macedonia
 Blesok no. 93 November-December, 2013
  Vladimir Martinovski: Haiku Awakening
  Ana Martinoska: The Women and the Canon
 Blesok no. 92 September-October, 2013
  Tijana Petkovska: Takemitsu’s Music of Terror
  Jelena Nikodinoska: Sandra Cisneros’s “The House on Mango Street”
 Blesok no. 91 July-August, 2013
  Chung Chin-Yi: Religious Satire in Oranges are not the only Fruit
  Ermira Kamberi: Mission: Finding the Gypsy Within
 Blesok no. 90 May-June, 2013
  Nenad Rizvanović: A Monumentally Important Novel by a Belgrade Author
  Marta Markoska: A Round Trip: From Literature to Animated Film and Back
 Blesok no. 89 March-April, 2013
  Venko Andonovski: The Intercultural Event of the Year
  Bela Gligorova: On (theatrical) miracles and anonymity
 Blesok no. 88 January-February, 2013
  Nataša Avramovska: Mueller's The Hamletmachine at the National Theatre in Bitola
  Bela Gligorova: In lieu of an answer – Teaching Toni Kushner’s Angels in America
 Blesok no. 87 November-December, 2012
  Lidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska: A Celebration of Life’s Energy
  Olivera Kjorveziroska: Literature as a Hearth-stoning
 Blesok no. 86 September-October, 2012
  Valentina Mironska: The Innovation and Creativity of the Macedonian XIX Century
  Nataša Avramovska: Aspects of a Dialogical Study of Macedonian and Croatian Drama
 Blesok no. 85 July-August, 2012
  Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser: Poetic Trigonometry: On the European Native and European Alien
  Anastasija Gjurčinova: Verse Voyages
 Blesok no. 84 May-June, 2012
  Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser: A Book on Cultural Dialogue
  Jasmina Mojsieva Guševa: The Closeness of Distance(s)
  Marija Gjorgjieva Dimova: The Anthology as a Variant of Interliterary Reception
 Blesok no. 83 March-April, 2012
  Slavica Gadžova: Acting Beyond the Visible
 Blesok no. 82 January-February, 2012
  Vesna Mojsova-Čepiševska: The Nomadism of the Diaspora
  Vangel Nonevski: The Aesthetics of Remix
 Blesok no. 80-81 September-December, 2011
  Elena Koneska: Female Oedipus or the impact on forming the female sexuality
  Ana Martinoska: “Scorpius balcanicus” , Or: how to read Macedonian poetry
 Blesok no. 77-79 March-August, 2011
  Strahimir Primorac: An Excellent, Promising Opening
 Blesok no. 76 January-February, 2011
  Lidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska: Eight walks in the fictional woods
 Blesok no. 75 November-December, 2010
  Dora Golub: Cruelty Crystals
 Blesok no. 74 September-October, 2010
  Michal Babiak: The novel “Sense” by Rudolf Sloboda in Serbian
  Alexander Halvoník: Seeing People Off
  Alexander Halvoník: Cosmonauts' Square
  Dana Kršáková: Poetic Journey to the Harmony
  Karol Chmel: A view to a contemporary one
 Blesok no. 71-73 March-August, 2010
  Vesna Mojsova-Čepiševska: For A Piece of Chocolate, A Gulp of Coffee per Written Line and Something More
  Goce Smilevski: A Quest Within
 Blesok no. 70 January-February, 2010
  Trajče Bjadov: Towards “The Geography of Smallness” by Aco Gogov
 Blesok no. 69 November-December, 2009
  Zlatko Kramarić: Don’t You FYROM Me
  Angelina Banović Markovska / Vesna Mojsova-Čepiševska: Les belles lettres sans pardon
 Blesok no. 67-68 July-October, 2009
  Goce Smilevski: Digging out What is Live in Poetry
  Ilina Jakimovska: Sort of a review of “Lovers from Verona”
 Blesok no. 66 May-June, 2009
  Various authors: Making a Dog Laugh – selected reviews
 Blesok no. 65 March-April, 2009
  Vesna Mojsova-Čepiševska: The Sigh of Pain that Creates Both Reality and Art
  Jelena Lužina: What Do We Talk About, Indeed?
 Blesok no. 64 January-February, 2009
  Aco Gogov: Stories about the Otherness, Identity and Housing
  Tamara Straus: “Arresting God in Kathmandu”, by Samrat Upadhyay
 Blesok no. 63 November-December, 2008
  Ana Stojanoska: Getting Woven In the Knitted Threads
  Violeta Vučetić: “The Claws” is in fashion
 Blesok no. 61-62 July-October, 2008
  Igor Isakovski: The Manifesto of Montage and Non-Conformist
  Cathy Biribauer: Dark Journey into Night
  Ernest Dempsey: Engaging narrative
 Blesok no. 60 May-June, 2008
  Vesna Mojsova-Čepiševska: Life as a Garbage Dump of Rejected Dreams (in five images)
  Duško Krstevski: Dimkovska's Hidden Camera
 Blesok no. 59 March-April, 2008
  Kristina Nikolovska: Masterfully, Venko!
 Blesok no. 58 January-February, 2008
  Adam Phillips: Master of the nonsensical
  Cynthia Haven: Weighty truths, lightly
 Blesok no. 57 November-December, 2007
  Nick Richardson: Reading between the Lines
  Sandy Forbes: Dialogues Sparkle with Wordplay, Wit
 Blesok no. 56 September-October, 2007
  Antonia Byatt: Memorial to a marriage
  Alexis Smith: Getting the Self Out of the Way
  Jill Meyers: Later, at the Bar
 Blesok no. 55 July-August, 2007
  Andrew Kahn: The great Brodsky
  Robert Simonišek: Poetry That Values Revolt
 Blesok no. 54 May-June, 2007
  Vesna Mojsova-Čepiševska: In Honor of Daisies
  Vladimir Martinovski: Haiku – Poetry of Integration
  Peter Rose: Every Move You Make
 Blesok no. 53 March-April, 2007
  Various authors: Edgar Allan Poe & the Juke-Box
  Elizabeta Bakovska: The Harmony of Duality
 Blesok no. 52 January-February, 2007
  Adam Phillips: Finally found in translation
  Maureen N. McLane: Underworlds
 Blesok no. 51 November-December, 2006
  Marija Mitrović: The fantastic in the works of Srečko Kosovel
  Edin Saračević: Reserved for the Pilots
 Blesok no. 50 September-October, 2006
  Igor Isakovski: Eyes wide open: smiling with a tear in the eye
  Kareem James Abu-Zeid: Narration as a Relief: A Review of The Palm House by Tarek Eltayeb
 Blesok no. 49 July-August, 2006
  Jasna Koteska: Against the Pre-archival Mentality
  James Kirkup: The Perfumes of Palms
 Blesok no. 48 May-June,2006
  Gerrit Bussink: Introduction to Bittersweet Pieces
  Maja Apostoloska: Original Nuance of Reality Perception
 Blesok no. 47 March-April, 2006
  Robert Murray Davis: New Europe: Blurred Visions
 Blesok no. 46 January-February, 2006
  Nicolas Lezard: A True Lover of Literature
  Elena Koneska: Dimensions of Pain
 Blesok no. 45 November-December, 2005
  Pauline Ferrie: Le Trace de Dieu, Mapping God - Fred Johnston
  Maureen Freely: Crossing the divide
 Blesok no. 44 September-October, 2005
  Mitja Čander: Jealousy
  Igor Isakovski: The Painful Shape of Truth
 Blesok no. 43 July-August, 2005
  Goce Smilevski: Pleasure and beyond it
 Blesok no. 42 May-June, 2005
  Robert Adamson: Robert Creeley, 1926–2005
 Blesok no. 41 March-April, 2005
  Robert Murray Davis: Aware of Necessities
  S. Clayton Moore: Pattern Recognition
 Blesok no. 40 January-February, 2005
  Elizabeta Bakovska: A Dedication to Jadranka Vladova
  Kevin Carollo: The Poetics of Exile
 Blesok no. 39 November-December, 2004
  Robert Alagjozovski: House/Threshold-Horizon: Nomadic Experience
 Blesok no. 38 September-October, 2004
  Adam Zagajewski: Reason and Roses
 Blesok no. 37 July-August, 2004
  Ana Dimiškovska - Trajanoska: In the spider's web of the Conversation
 Blesok no. 36 May-June, 2004
  Aco Gogov: Homage: Andrić est arrive
  Trajče Bjadov: Model of Communication Transmission in the Narrative Situation
 Blesok no. 35 March-April, 2004
  Klemen Fele: Embodying the Word and Enspeaking the Body
 Blesok no. 34 September-October, 2003
  Jasmina Mojsieva Guševa: The Image of the Religion Syndrome in the Balkan World
 Blesok no. 33 July-August, 2003
  Zvonko Taneski: The Postmodern Theoretic and Aesthetic System of Jean Francois Lyotard
  Saskia Sassen: How Downtown Can Stand Tall and Step Lively Again
 Blesok no. 32 May-June, 2003
  Elizabeta Šeleva: Potent Critical Approach
  Elizabeta Šeleva: Candid from the ‘Hood
  Goce Smilevski: Between the eternal and the everyday
 Blesok no. 31 March-April, 2003
  Žarko Kujundžiski: Blaže Koneski as Translator and Record Taker of Texts
  Zvonko Taneski: Communicative Status of the “Cobweb Novel”
 Blesok no. 30 January-February, 2003
  Maja Jakimovska-Tošić: The Literary-Historical Composition in Macedonian Medieval Literature
 Blesok no. 29 November-December, 2002
  Jasna Koteska: The One in The Couple
 Blesok no. 28 September-October, 2002
  Jean Bessiere: Words on Comparative Literature
 Blesok no. 27 July-August, 2002
  Dobrila Milovska: Apocryphal Literature
 Blesok no. 26 May-June, 2002
  Jasmina Mojsieva Guševa: Some Juncture Points in the Poetics of Andrić and Koneski
 Blesok no. 25 March-April, 2002
  Loreta Georgievska Jakovleva: Unfeasibility of Love
  Jelena Lužina: Balkan Heresy of Love
 Blesok no. 24 January-February, 2002
  Angelina Banović-Markovska: From Gutenberg to InteLnet
 Blesok no. 23 October-November, 2001
  Snežana Žabić: Politics and Poetics of Hélène Cixous
 Blesok no. 22 August-September, 2001
  Katerina Kolozova: Territorial Apories: the Imaginary and the Real Aspects of (the) Location
 Blesok no. 21 June-July, 2001
  Jovica Tasevski - Eternijan: Macedonian Poetic Dialectics
 Blesok no. 20 April-May, 2001
  Lidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska: The Unbearable Eassines of Narrating
 Blesok no. 19 February-March, 2001
  Jadranka Vladova: Narcissism and (Self)pleasure in the Text
  Branislav Sarkanjac: Some reinterpreted theses of Walter Benjamin
 Blesok no. 18 January, 2001
  Atanas Vangelov: Our Share in this World
 Blesok no. 17 October-November, 2000
  Vesna Mojsova-Čepiševska: Metaphor of Belonging
  Slavica Srbinovska: Response on a Dialogic Idyll
 Blesok no. 16 August-September, 2000
  Jasmina Mojsieva Guševa: The Origin (Genesis) of The Morality
 Blesok no. 15 June-July, 2000
  Branislav Sarkanjac: N/A
 Blesok no. 14 April-May, 2000
  Jordan Eftimov: Landscapes and Still Life
  Jadranka Vladova: The Silence of Miloševska's Powerful Whisper
 Blesok no. 13 February-March, 2000
  Aleksandar Jerkov: An empty model and a sad queen
 Blesok no. 12 January, 2000
  Katica Kulavkova: Poetics of Narrow Space
 Blesok no. 118 March-April, 2018
  Elizabeta Šeleva: What Is the Color of Foreigners?
 Blesok no. 117 December, 2017
  Milan Damjanoski: Canale Mussolini by Antonio Pennacchi – a lively view into a dark period which every nation goes through
 Blesok no. 116 October-November, 2014
  Elizabeta Bakovska: “The Absence of Language Is the Reason for My Eternal Insomnia”: We Are Summoned to Resurrect the Word
 Blesok no. 114-115 July-August, 2017
  Lidija Kapuševska-Drakulevska: VLADA UROŠEVIĆ AND SURREALISM
 Blesok no. 113 May-June, 2017
  Igor Popovski: In the Depths of Memory:
 Blesok no. 112 March-April, 2017
  Elizabeta Bakovska: I am a hunter of moments that I rarely manage to catch
 Blesok no. 111 January, 2017
  Milan Damjanoski: Numero Zero – Eco’s Last Rose or the Fading Away of the Mysterious Flame
 Blesok no. 110 October-November, 2016
  Marija Gjorgjieva Dimova: Living to Tell Stories
 Blesok no. 108-109 July-August, 2016
  Edmund Wilson: The Book That Brought Good Sex Writing to the Masses
 Blesok no. 107 May 2016
  Nataša Avramovska: Reading the Light
 Blesok no. 106 March-April, 2016
 Blesok no. 105 January, 2016
  Ana Martinoska: IN SEARCH OF LOVE
  Nenad Joldeski: Insomnia
 Blesok no. 103-104 December, 2015
  Nataša Avramovska: Poetic Creation Myth
 Blesok no. 101-102 November-December, 2015
  Elizabeta Šeleva: DNA Writing for DNA Poetry
  Lidija Mitoska: On Beckett’s Expression – Complexity and Minimalism
 Blesok no. 10-11 August-November, 1999
  Lenka Tatarovska: The Dionysus Phenomenon and the Metamorphoses in Macedonian Oral Literature
 Blesok no. 100 September, 2015
  Elizabeta Bakovska: El amor en los tiempos del cólera
  Kalina Maleska: Igor – Dedicated and Tireless Translator
 Blesok no. 09 June-July, 1999
  Angelina Banović-Markovska: The Incest – One of the Inclinations that the World Hasn't Finished Dreaming Yet
 Blesok no. 08 April-May, 1999
  Maja J. Tošić: The Literary-Historical Composition in Macedonian Medieval Literature
 Blesok no. 07 February-March, 1999
  Jasna Koteska: Love In the Macedonian Fantastic Story
  Elizabeta Šeleva: Love and Alchemy
 Blesok no. 06 January, 1999
  Maja Bojadžievska: A Room of One's Own: Subversion and Seduction
 Blesok no. 05 October-November, 1998
  Jasmina Mojsieva Guševa: Humour in Literature
 Blesok no. 04 August-September, 1998
  Sead Džigal: Fiction and Reality
  Elizabeta Šeleva: The Macedonian Film in the Balkan Cultural Intertext
 Blesok no. 03 June-July, 1998
  Angelina Banović-Markovska: For the meaning of the unconscious and for the power of the imagination
 Blesok no. 02 April-May, 1998
  Jadranka Vladova: Living оnly оne Love Story even after the Death
 Blesok no. 01 March, 1998
  Elizabeta Šeleva: Pain and an Apostrophe
  Jasna Koteska: Analysis of a Catalysis

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