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Blesok no. 56September-October, 2007
Sound Reviews

An Atmosphere of Warmth and Spontaneity

Bryan Ferry in Skopje

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Angel Sitnovski – Boys

Many years ago, we were dreaming of attending a live performance of a current world music star, while today, when the dream became reality – we began to choose which concert to attend!
    On 8th of October, Bryan Ferry had a concert at the Universal Hall; few days later, on 13th, David Sylvian performed on the same stage.

This was the second concert of Bryan Ferry in Macedonia, after last year's appearance in Ohrid, along with his band Roxy Music. This time, within the Balkan part of his European tour organized by Skopje based Avalon Production he promoted the material of his new solo project Dylanesque, which contains Bob Dylan's covers.
    At the packed Universal Hall, concert begun ten minutes late, opened with two songs by the singer of his accompanying band, herself playing an acoustic guitar. Ian Dickinson – session musician that has been performed with the legendary King Crimson – supported her on saxophone.
    Bryan Ferry's appearance announced the beginning of the main act. Smartly dressed, in black shiny jacket, black trousers and white shirt, he was greated by the audience with tremendous ovations even before he started to sing. It is very strange how this rock icon, today aged 62, manages to preserve his attractive and youthful look!
    Bryan Ferry has been on the world music scene for decades, as one of the biggest and most charismatic front men in the history of modern rock music. Since his earliest recordings with Roxy Music in the 1970's up to today, he has secured his place in rock history as one of the most innovative singers; a fact witnessed by the crowd present at the Skopje concert. We enjoyed in the originality of his brilliant voice, in his ability to unite music genres – from French chansons, to classical singing and sharpened hard rock. The repertoire was compiled from Roxy Music's most popular songs, hits from his successful solo career, and – of course – Dylan's covers. Ironically enough, songs from “Dylanesque” do not sound very Dylan-like. They lack solo acoustic guitar, they lack organs, and – at last – they do not have that wild and live music: they lack many things that would associate to Bob Dylan's sound. Dylan's songs sound Ferry-like, where Ferry implements his usual duality of desire and melodrama.

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