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Blesok no. 06January, 1999
Theatre Reviews

“Shopping and Fucking” in Skopje

p. 1
Nataša Stardelova

    The latest and the only play by the English author Mark Ravenhill “Shopping and fucking” with lot of autobiographical sincerity and openness first provocates the audience with its title.
    The director Srgan Janikievic tried to bring “Shopping and fucking” at home on the stage of Center Theatre. In the play he arose a contemporary and urban drama of a drug addict homosexual. But, he made the intensity and brutality of the text milder with unfunctional and piled up scenography as well as the invisible misanscenes.
       Jordan Simonov made the closest contact with the character casting the main role – homosexual junky Mark. He created a damaged person whose food is heroin and orgies his breathing.
       Kalina Naumovska as Gary dramatically and consistently played her role in order to bring out hers and main characters traumas and frustrations.
    The greatest value of this play is the director's idea of constant repeating and suffering in narcotic hell. At the end the audience had an undetermined feeling of main character's deep soul erosion after every new trip. Every other show of the play starts the agony again.

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