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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 59 | volume XI | March-April, 2008



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Blesok no. 59March-April, 2008
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Vasja Ivanovski


Little Arthur Duncan – Live At Rosa’s Lounge
    Delmark DE 793

Even a casual blues fan is aware of importance of Chicago blues scene and its impact on the history of the blues. New generations of Chicago blues are coming, but the spirit of old masters who created this scene is still present and one of the best currently working in Chicago area is Little Arthur Duncan whose new album “Live At Rosa’s Blues Lounge” (Delmark DE 793) easily confirms his status as top blues entertaining attraction. Recorded at the legendary Chicago blues club on one of his regular nights, Little Arthur Duncan presents him in great form doing best what he can, performing true, deep, lowdown blues. His blues are raw, unpolished just the way it’s been done through decades, but sending good feel vibe all the way through to his delighted audience. His blues are entertaining, about having good time and celebrating the joy of life as it is, but never forgetting the hardships of everyday life. His easy going vocals and cool harmonica playing are among his blues trademarks. Backed by an excellent band, top Chicago musicians, guitarists Illinois Slim and Rick Kreher, bassist Michael Azzi and drummer Twist Turner, a legend of his own, Little Arthur Duncan confirms once again his reputation of top Chicago bluesman and this disc will undoubtedly please all fans of fine blues and gain him new devotees. Check more info about Duncan and other great artists on the site:

Clarence Spady – Just Between Us
    Severn Records SEVERN 0045

One of the best independent US record labels definitely is Severn Records whose policy is “Roots music for the 21st Century”! Their recent production include excellent albums by harp player Steve Guyger “Radio Days” (SEVERN CD 0044), Mike Morgan And The Crawl’s “Stronger Every Day” (SEVERN CD 0043) and Clarence Spady’s “Just Between Us” (SEVERN CD 0045). The latter is creating some cool buzz as it has been his first recording after 10 years. Clarence is complete music person, great singer, great guitar player and great writer of songs whose impact on listener never leaves him cold. His vocal and guitar style may recall Robert Cray and artists of such provenience, but Clarence Spady is his own man when it comes to music. He successfully blends blues with soul, rhythm and blues and elements

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