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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 59 | volume XI | March-April, 2008



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Blesok no. 59March-April, 2008
Sound Reviews

Vlatko Stefanovski is recording a blues album

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Vasja Ivanovski

Vlatko Stefanovski is a musician we all know about, one of the best guitar players you ever heard, no matter what your musical preferences might be. He is one of the few that has successfully proven himself in different genres and at the moment he is putting finishing touches to his debut blues album! His longtime dream has finally came true and it was well worth the wait! Well chosen material of  blues masters old and new contains songs that were vibrating in Vlatko’s memory ever since he heard them on the radio long time ago and time has come to revive these songs as only he can, wrapping them in new cloth and sounding fresh and original. Songs by B.B.King, T-Bone Walker rub shoulders with the likes of Peter Green, Alvin Lee, Stevie Ray Vaughan  and others creating exciting collection of blues material that will be cherished by blues fans anywhere where this kind of music can be heard. There is also a specical ingredient to the whole project and that is presence of guitar legend Jan Akkerman

of  “Focus” fame. He willingly put some of his experience and great licks to the proceedings, so you can just imagine what to expect in the near future when album is finally released. This album will undoubtedly open some new doors for Vlatko and his band and supply new possibilities in music business which has wholeheartedly embraced his art. With his band, Jan Akkerman and cool Hammond sounds  courtesy of  Damir Imeri, Vlatko has produced an album that will knock your socks off, provided you have ears  for quality. Promotion of the album will take place in Skopje while Summer tour with Jan Akkerman on Adriatic coast will follow.

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