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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 06 | volume II | January, 1999



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Blesok no. 06January, 1999
Theatre Play

Slippery People

p. 1
Viktorija Rangelova

    ETA 15 years of age
    TIANA 25 years of age
    JACOB 35 years of age

     A room with two doors. One is the entrance and the other leads into the next room. The furniture is almost new. There is also a window, and a mirror. Opposite to the latter there is a refrigerator. The room is incredibly stuffy. The light is dim – as if it were emanated from the floor. Silence. Only the beating of the rain drops against the window can be heard. Tiana is sitting in an armchair. She stands up, approaches the window and looks into the night. Then she goes back to the armchair and sits down again. After a moment she stands up again and looks at her reflection in the mirror… for a long time.

TIANA (stands in front of the mirror; talks to her own reflection): I’m pretty.
    I think I’m pretty. I’m pretty, aren’t I? Yes. (A pause.) I’m starving. That’s okay. I’ve got to be attractive for him. You look so special tonight. (A pause.) Excited? Me – excited? I’m calm and collected. (A pause.)  I’ll hang myself. This will be the way to calm down my nerves. (A pause.)  He won’t show up. But why shouldn’t he? He shows up every day. (A pause. She throws a glance at her watch.) No, he won’t. So, I’ll have a snack.
    Goes to the fridge and opens it. Starts stuffing her face. The entrance door opens
    up. Tiana has her back turned towards it. In comes a girl. She is confused, exhausted,
    soaking wet and she wears too much make up. She closes the door behind her.

    TIANA (shyly, avoids turning around): Don’t look at me. I feel so ridiculous. I thought you wouldn’t show up. I’ve been waiting for ages – and here you are. You surprised me. (She wipes her mouth and turns towards the girl. She looks at her in amazement.)
    ETA (pensively, but yet cheerfully): You really are ridiculous. And I’m really glad that you said you’ve been waiting for me. (A pause.) The weather is disgusting. The whole city will be flooded in an hour and a half.
    TIANA(confused): Who are you?
    ETA: The one you’ve been waiting for. Eta. My name’s short and unusual – isn’t it, Tiana?
    TIANA: And who on earth told you my name?
    ETA: I took a guess. Sometimes I really think that I could make a living by guessing
    names. Tiana.

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