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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 60 | volume XI | May-June, 2008



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Blesok no. 60May-June, 2008

Where After the Last Poetry of Ante?

(To the legacy of the golden poetic seed of Ante Popovski: Две тишини, Коска паленица и Пророчки труби. – Скопје, „Pro Littera“, 2005)

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Kristina Nikolovska

I am of those generations that shall be proud that we had the honor to personally know him. I am one of the lucky ones who could not only listen to the voice of the poet, but also to experience his voice, his poetry live. Since I was a little child, his voice for me was somehow – Macedonian, maybe the most Macedonian voice that I had every heard. And his speech was – the most Macedonian it could be. The intonation, the cultivated expressiveness, that it how it was.
    For Popovski's poetry simple makes “love” to the language. It makes open love with the Macedonian language. It challenges it, seduces it, tempts it, shapes it, makes it” prouder, straighter, more dignified. This poetry is like a woman, a lover, who loves her lover in the most beautiful way. It pays him a public tribute, blesses him eternally, encourages him to have him understand how great his is.
    In this way, with the holy poem, the Macedonian language was also sanctified. Our thought, our kin was sanctified.
    Together, they uplift is, gives us the right to respect ourselves and to resurrect. This is an eternal right. And it shall give the same right to those who come after us.
    This poetry decided to give meaning to what had been without a meaning, in its own, unique, brilliant way.
    And we had the privilege to have it.
    With Ante Popovski's poetry, we all became greater, Venko and I, the audience, all of us.

* * *

Today this room is full, our writer's “home” is full, because we have all crowded today. But, no matter how many of us there are, double, triple, today we all have the right to share the feeling that we are lonely. At this moment, we gathered as a big, huge sad family that misses the wise member whom we always expected to teach as a virtuoso, as a wise man, as a parent of the refined word. That is how he taught us. I think that we still wait, and we have the right to expect every piece of “gold” from his verses.
    That is how we also encountered the most recent “house of verses” of the poet, – the three posthumously printed books of poetry: Две тишини, Коска паленица, Пророчки труби, published by “Pro Litera”, with the blessing of the Ministry of Culture.
    Две тишини is the latest poetic “breath”, a rarity unheard, unpublished,

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