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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 60 | volume XI | May-June, 2008



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Blesok no. 60May-June, 2008
Sound Reviews

Interview with Hajdi Elzeser, Artwork Ensemble, Germany

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Dojrana Prokopieva

Artwork Ensemble has been active on the German music stages for several years. The ensemble performs contemporary music and takes part in different music projects in Germany and around Europe. The members of the ensemble are two pianists and two percussionists. Artwork Ensemble performed at a concert during “Days of Macedonian Music” event, playing works by famous international and Macedonian composers. We are talking with Hajdi Elzeser, a founder and a member of Artwork Ensemble.

D.P. Tell us something about your own background?
I was born in Skopje where I also studied piano at the Faculty of Music. Parallel to my studies in Macedonia I was studying in Paris for some years. Afterwards I worked for a few years as an assistant at the Faculty in Skopje, but than I got the feeling that I had to continue my education. So I moved to Germany, in a little town named Detmold which has a great Music Academy (Hochschule).There I finished graduate studies in piano. For some time I worked in Detmold as an assistant of my professor, but I also got a lecture position for piano accompaniment at the same institution. During all that time, I have been giving concerts of all kind all around Europe – recitals and chamber music concerts with different musicians. Exploring new musical worlds and sharing them with the other people is very important to me.

D.P. Tell us about the Artwork Ensemble. What was the idea and how it was formed, as well as its raison d’être?
The idea about Artwork Ensemble came somehow spontaneously. Being in Detmold, we all had the opportunity to go to WSC (Work Shop Concerts) of the percussion class of Prof. Peter Prommel. Entering this world for me was a fascinating experience. The Music Academy in Detmold is a relatively conservative musical institution where the emphasis is on classical music. But the world of the percussion class is the world of the music today, all that happens today. The students there are mainly stimulated to be chamber musicians or soloists, and orchestra players. That's how I discovered a world of sounds that was new to me; I discovered that percussion is not only about rhythm but also about making music, creating unimaginable and wonderful sounds, colors and forms, which can touch the human being extremely deep.
    After some time I had the luck to get an offer from Prof. Prommel to

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