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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 64 | volume XII | January-February, 2009



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Blesok no. 64January-February, 2009
Sound Reviews

Cheap Fabric and Miracle Socks

On “This Transplanted Typewriter…” album of Foltin band, first issue of the Cultural and Information Centre from Skopje

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Tina Ivanova

The avant-garde band from Bitola, Foltin, has recently released another impressive music issue with a very interesting and an unusually long title “This Transplanted Typewriter Has Never Typed a Love Letter”. Unlike the title, the album has an unusually short duration of some 22 minutes. There are only five pieces, which pulsate in a single impressive, complex and rounded whole, as variations on the same theme. The productive quartet (Branislav Nikolov – voice and guitar, Pece Trajkovski – clarinet, chaos pad, Goce Jovanovski – base, and Slave Jovev – drums) were joined in their fifth album by a Slovenian guest Marjan Stanić, who has enriched the sound with typical and less typical instruments (percussion): cahon, zil, spoons, cabassa, compact konga, ambiental percussions.
    The electro-acoustic sound metamorphoses and love lyrics (themes) are the specific features of the new album of the always innovative “Foltin”. These music conceptualists who can freely be defined as such because of the sound mixtures, that is, the usage of several related alternatives of the traditional sound forms, which is a feature that has marked their previous four issues, in “This Transplanted Typewriter…” offer a mixture of various music styles. The album is full of surprises, and although it is different than the previous ones, it has the recognizable atmosphere typical of Foltin, energy, and even euphoria which makes the band separate from the others as one of the most attractive music occurrences on the Macedonian music skies.

The Heat Sticks on the Roof Tiles…

photo: Bisera Stankoska

The first thing that one notices while listening to the new album of Foltin is the lyrics. The quotes for the title and the subtitles of this text are used from them, not as a metaphor. They make a beautiful, emotional, love and seemingly simple poetry that makes you memorize it by heart. Foltin is one of the Macedonian bands (along with Mizar, Arhangel, Anastasija…) which does not let the lyrics serve the music and the sound, but vice-versa, or on equal grounds.
    The poetic gift as one of the features of “Foltin” is actually not a novelty when it comes to Bitola Music attraction. In their past four albums, Foltin was also recognizable for their lyric background on top of their innovative sound. Their pieces were created and later sung in an authentic Foltinian language, they were a phonetic imitation or an imaginary collage made of several different world languages. However, in

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