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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 65 | volume XII | March-April, 2009



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Blesok no. 65March-April, 2009
Sound Reviews

“Porta Macedonia” – a Fierce and Melancholic Album

On "Porta Macedonia" album by Goran Trajkovski and Alexander Hoffman – Veljanov, "Premium Records", 2008

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Tina Ivanova

Goran Trajkovski, the ex singer of the influential Macedonian bands “Anastasia” and “Mizar” (in the beginning of his career also of “The Fall of Byzantium”), author of the music of a big number of theatre plays and lately remembered as the author of the music-political project, the dark cabaret “Circus Europia”, and Alexander Hoffman-Veljanov, a German of Macedonian origin (on his mother's side), a long term singer of the cult dark-wave Berlin band “Deine Lakaien” (1985), joined their creative forces and created the excellent album “Porta Macedonia”, which was released at the end of the last year for the European market, under the umbrella of “Premium records”. The album had its first concert travel last month through Germany – in Darmstadt, Munich, Leipzig, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart…
    It is brave at the time when art, especially the contemporary music, is experienced of understood as junk food, to create a work that will have a real artistic value. This is one of those value markers that come from the personal perception of the author, because the real artistic values, as the examples in history have shown, are corrected justly or unjustly, by time. “Porta Macedonia” has, and it is felt, the honest, deep passion to music as art, but also as an ideology, not only because it brings in the shadows of the past of the previous separate works of the two authors, but because it has no pretensions to attract different audience, it does not strive to satisfy different tastes. “Porta Macedonia” has a clearly defined target group of listeners, no matter how pretentious this might sound. In Skopje, that is, in Macedonia, but probably much more in Berlin, that is, in Germany. This album is therefore not progressive in the meaning of searching for a new sound or technical innovations, although it is very rich in this respect; on the other hand, it is not passé either, but it is a continuation of the story, which, as we already said, was started by Veljanov in “Deine Lakaien” and his individual issues, and Trajkovski in “Mizar” and “Circus Europia”.
    “Porta Macedonia” is a romantic album. A melancholic one. If it needed to be musically determined, it is the closest to the so-called dark-wave with its sub-contexts of – the music new wave, electro gothic, dark-cabaret, ambient music, and even punk and the industrial music. Those who had the chance to listen

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