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Blesok no. 07February-March, 1999
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Deep Impact vs. Armageddon

both sides of the same story

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Petar Volnarovski

    For those (few, I guess) who doesn’t know, DEEP IMPACT and ARMAGEDDON are films with a story about a global planetary disaster caused by a moving space object – a comet, or an asteroid, accordingly. The story of those two films, basically and in few words, is this:
    The comet/asteroid is discovered. Its trajectory is on thecollision course with Earth, and there is almost inevitable disaster for our planet. And, nor long range nuclear rockets, nor the Star Wars Laser Systems can’t stop the object – destroyer of our planet… Of course, there is the “last and only” option: a spacecraft to be sent on the very spot, on the very surface of the comet/asteroid, and a nuclear explosive devices to be placed in the depth of the object itself… Then, a plot follows, and after that another, and so, and so, … The films end more or less with the “happy-end”…


    Both films are based on this, almost the same story. But, they aren’t even close – nor from the aspect of the aesthetic qualities, nor from the aspect of the quality of the technical craftsmanship. And before we answer the question – why is this so, we’ll say something about the history of their productions:

  – as first: Spielberg with DREAMWORKS started DEEP IMPACT before ARMAGEDDON.
      – as second: ARMAGEDDON was finished before DEEP IMPACT.
      – as third: DREAMWORKS and Spielberg are pursuing a lawsuit against the authors of ARMAGEDDON. So, the first idea belongs, most probably, to DREAMWORKS and Spielberg. But, it is on the American courts to say.
      – and as fourth: here are the I.D.-s of both films:
      DEEP IMPACT: production – Dreamworks, director: – Mimi Leder, cast – Robert Duvall, Tea Leoni, Elijah Wood, Morgan Freeman, Vanessa Redgrave, Maximilian Schell.
      ARMAGEDDON: production – Touchstone Pictures, director – Michael Bay, cast – Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Liv Tyler, Ben Afleck, Will Patton, Keith David, Steve Buscemi, etc.

    So, we can continue now… We’ll briefly take a look on both films simultaneously, step by step:

Technical work:

    DEEP IMPACT: Superior-made film. The special effects are made till perfection, by every little detail. About editing we may say the same. The photography of the film is remarkable beyond the special effects, as for exteriors, so for the interiors as well. The dynamics of the camera and the framing itself are variable, but basically standard. Steps out of standards only when necessary and justified. And always with a

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