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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 66 | volume XII | May-June, 2009



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Blesok no. 66May-June, 2009

Remote Control

p. 1
Slađan Lipovec

– Did I scratch you? Sorry. You wanna smoke? Can you get the cigarettes? What do you mean, do I get along? Of course I do. The most important thing is to be normal with them.
    Not to allow them to surprise you. The other day I’m entering the school – I’m hardly wide awake and, walking, I dream my first cup of coffee, while they are already fighting. They’re really slugging away. Where do they get the energy, I thought while I made my way through the fans around them. You can imagine tiny me separating two raging sixteen-year old kids who are thrashing each other while the others are cheering them. I make my way between them but get no reaction. They stopped only when I myself receive a blow. It was only then that they realized who and what I was. They stiffened. Froze. I’m standing, like between them, and they, heads bowed – are crying. The smaller and the taller fellow. You should have seen them. Both crying rivers of tears. Red-cheeked as they were, disheveled, their shirts opened. The nose of the taller one was trickling blood onto his light blue sneakers. I felt sorry for him, knowing his ma might have bought them for him that very morning.
    – Do you like the way I pass my nails across your back?
    So, nothing came of my morning coffee, I unpacked my things, took the roll book and went to class. I enter the classroom, all rise, greet me and… silence.
    But the first time I entered the classroom it was as though I wasn’t there. They kept on talking, made faces and shouted. And when I told them that I will be the replacement teacher for the whole year they went nuts. They came up to me and introduced themselves – these were really putting on an act. I thought it will be difficult to teach an all-boys class, boys learning to be chimney sweepers, but it isn’t. I have a method.
    Swell, I say, I see that you are outgoing so we won’t have any problems. We’ll start by repeating what you have learned up to now. Everybody will get a chance to do well. To get a good grade. Initially there was some grumbling but this gradually abated. I am tapping with my nails on the table. That was the only sound. And the turning of sheets.

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