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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 66 | volume XII | May-June, 2009



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Blesok no. 66May-June, 2009
Gallery Reviews

Always Hungry Gaze

p. 1
Vladimir Končar

Work Description

    Series of photographs “Always Hungry Gaze” are part of a project that consists of three related sections.

    The first section consists of series of large colour photographs (up to 50x70 cm) with the motives photographed in the period of a year at the “Savica” market in Zagreb (2004 – 2005.).
    The photographs represent an entire Saturday, from the placing of the stalls in the early morning to the cleaning of the market in the afternoon. The motives are varied, and besides the visual aesthetics, details, composition and colouring, their documentary approach depicts the verisimilitude of the consumer society, economic competitiveness of supply, and personal stories of sellers at the market. All photographs are taken with digital cameras.

    The second section consists of three projections. The first projection show an entire day from the opening to the closing of the market, in a sequence edited in fast motion so as to bring forth the flow, diversity of supply and number of customers during the day. The central projection shows me as a participant in the Saturday shopping, the camera following me at the market. The third projection moves the camera to the eyes height, becoming more communicative and lively, due mainly to being held in the hand. All three projections are shown simultaneously and are cyclically repeated every 20 minutes.

    The third part of the project is performance in moving a situation from life into the gallery space – placing a lady who usually sells her products at the market – in this new market world.
    By directing my view at the object and working on myself, my own consciousness and my own life undergo a change. The awareness of nature, health and freedom should overflows to the visitors at the exhibition, spreading the positive energy which abodes in a separate artistic sphere, the art of living. The aesthetic dimension of life is complemented – in a wider sense – by existential and ethical awareness of what we do, where we shop and what we eat.

About Market – Historical View

Considering the market and its historical context, i.e. its origin, we go back in history to the feudal production and barter. The development of society led to a marked division of work and separation of craft from trade, agriculture and cattle-raising. Due especially to the desire for specialization, the need arose for people who would carry out specific jobs which included the transport and selling

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