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Blesok no. 66May-June, 2009
Gallery Reviews

A Green Island as an Area of Freedom

– from Ulupuh gallery catalogue –

p. 1
Davorka Perić Vučić Šneperger

As a reaction to the exhibition space in three successive rooms Vladimir Končar exhibits three structural entities, three different views on the same segment of life – market, marketplace, mart…

    In the realm of the gallery room and of one's own consciousness as a space for artistic creation the real everyday events, people and objects cross over from the ordinary perspective into the space of art. The idea of comparing life with a piece of art as a special area of modern arts results from the esthetic experience as well as from deliberations upon one's own life. Within the exhibition this idea has been brought – through several formal phases – to its ultimate form.

    The main characteristic of Vladimir Končar is an aware and critical view on the world in which we are living, especially emphasized in his work “Hybernation of gaze” dating from the year 2002 in which he uses politically replaced street plates. But in case of this exhibition he directs his look towards the sphere of everyday life and criticizes the blindness of the consumer era that makes us accept “comforts” of the dear postindustrial capitalism. The author focuses onto the market place, thus illuminating a separate small intercultural world. It is his directed look at the everyday things viewing them as something different and new that transfers us into the field of art created on the basis of very specific relations towards reality.

    The author selects an isolated, utopian green island as an area of freedom and artistic creation. Končar relates to situations and possibilities springing from them not by annihilating their selectivity, but by pinpointing their multiplicity using their universality.
    The author views the ever-changing market place from different angles and through different media, thus indicating the openness of the object, as well as his own ability to form a critical opinion and support different points of view. The author builds an open identity of the object – and himself simultaneously – leaving some space for making choices, the space for others.

    The concept of this exhibition saves some place for coincidence: on the photos capturing the life of the market place on Saturdays, on videos taken from the upper angle that remind us of videos of supervisory safety camera or those taken by the author, holding the camera in his hands, while he walks and shops around the market. The greatest coincidence in moving a situation from life

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