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Blesok no. 69November-December, 2009

Les belles lettres sans pardon

Foreword to the anthology of the contemporary Macedonian short stories

p. 1
Angelina Banović Markovska / Vesna Mojsova-Čepiševska

Most of the anthologies start by apologies, distancing and especially by expressing regrets, since “the space is so small”, “the number of limited”… Actually, we were limited here as well, but this limitation pertained only to the number of pages (it was not to be longer than two hundred), and we made our own rules, the starting point and the boundary where we would stop. Still, the main feature that led us all the time through this adventure was the passion. The passion of searching, selecting, reading, re-reading… This text was also written with passion, and the reason for it is in the happy occasion to show the Croatian readership the most recent Macedonian prose. Everything started like a common invitation to tango. We were invited by Zlatko Kramarić. In this triple dance, He, I and I very easily wrote a circle with a diameter of our Macedonian-Croatian creative writing future.
    Each style formation cherishes or destroys a genre, and it is defined in its relation to it. The Macedonian postmodernism defines itself with respect to the short stories that it promotes. The novel is present in our literary XXI century – as a matter of fact, the postmodernism is a poli-genre formation that has crossed the strictly defined term deconstructing itself along its borders – however, the genre nowadays is a hybrid that opens the space for the short prose, as a key form of the Macedonian postmodern poetics. They say that the short stories are a mirror of the current situation, and it shows that there is no predominant writing model in our prose. Everybody tells his own story in his own way.
    This anthology is a story of ours, and as such it is a really joyful act, both for us who worked on it and for those who would decide to take it in their own hands. Only in this way, via a mutual communication (between those who selected the material and those who have accepted it) we can have a recognition. Inspired by the bifocal perspective of Macedonia – the one created on us by the world, or at least by that part of the world that experiences us as a dark topos of the Balkan chaos and unenlightment, an dthe other, ours, created by us ourselves, experiencing ourselves as colonized subjects, victims of the world cultural imperialism – inspired us in the idea to present

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