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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 07 | volume II | February-March, 1999



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Blesok no. 07February-March, 1999
Sound Reviews

What Kind of Music Do You Prefer?

p. 1
Maja Čanaćević

    The changes which have appeared in the last few years, in all parts of our life, and especially the creation of conditions of market economy, needs different approach in the planning and realization of the activities from all branches, which is based on the market research and consumers needs and abilities. The category “elasticity” of the price, income, product etc., has become very important factor in the market economy, as a whole. The “reactibility” of the consumers is expressed in this way, when compared to the price, income or a certain product. For these reasons, the “elasticity” became the focus, main point in our research.
    The following survey is a marketing research according to which we should reveal something more about the preferences in the choice, which a certain population makes about a certain product. In the given case the subject of the survey was the preference in the choice, more specifically the reactionability to a price, of the students from the UKIM School of Music from Skopje, different age groups and different music departments, concerning the concerts from different music genres. Apart from the theoretical interest about the behavior of this population group, one of the aims was also the specification of the price of the tickets that this particular group is ready (able) to pay (the elasticity) for the concerts in the institutions which have been given as a specimen example in this project.
       The subject of this survey, connected to this characteristic, specialized population – the students of UKIM School of Music – we can define as: how the age and appertaining to one of the departments of the UKIM School of music influence the sale of the tickets for concerts from different genres. This particular group is one a way, the most specialized audience, and that was the reason why we took the students as a target sample in order of a preferenced choice regarding the music genres. (I.e. what is the real reaction of the consumers for the given product, as it is treated in the economy, or more specifically its elasticity).
       From many indicators, which suggest on the different reaction about a given product, in this case a concert from different genres, the price of the product appears as more specific. We also took into consideration the fact that many factors exist which affect the reactibility on the different prices of the products: the consumers

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