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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 07 | volume II | February-March, 1999



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Blesok no. 07February-March, 1999
Theatre Play

Spirit of the Can

p. 1
Biljana Garvanlieva

    A Coca-Cola can island. The woman takes an empty lipstick out of her pocket. She tries to take some out with her finger. She can’t. She takes a scrambled Coca-Cola can that she is sitting on and she tries to break the opener. It falls into the can. She can’t manage to take it out. She tries again. When she finally gets it, she uses it to take out the last leftovers out of the lipstick. She puts a lipstick on. She puts the can back under her dress. She takes off the shoe. She pours the sand and the soil from the shoe. The sole of the shoe is hanging. She tries to stick it. She can’t. She stares at the drainage sea.

MEETING (The Coca-Cola can island. The man is carrying the woman in his arms. She is lifeless, languid. She has only one shoe on her foot, the other is bare. The man is trying to push the water out of her lungs. She revives and wakes.)

    How are you? I’m looking at you and I can’t trust my eyes. How did you manage to swallow all the fish from the sea. Look, there are carps, sheath– fish, sardines. Unfortunately, they are all dead, but you, as I can see, you are safe and sound. I can’t understand how such a small stomach can have all this big sea inside.
    My shoe, where’s my shoe?
    Give me your foot. You’ll be more comfortable. What a nice feet you have. Like unleavend cake, and your toes, so tiny, fat and soft like sausages. Your feet are just a little flat. You have a little twisted bone here, on your big toe, probably after your mother.
    I want my shoe.
    I’ll buy you new shoes. With modern high hills. Would you like that? Just don’t do that again.
    I’m going to find my shoe.
    Stay. I’ll go. (Pause. He is preparing to jump.) I’ll be right back. (He leaves. She is trying to find something in the man’s bag to take some lipstick out. She puts the lipstick on with a match. The man is coming back. There are wet green sea plants on his suit. In his hands he has a high hill shoe. He kneels to put it on her foot. First, he pours the mud water from the shoe and then he

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