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Blesok no. 09June-July, 1999

The Second Sin of the East

Translated by: Zoran Ančevski

p. 1
Petar T. Boškovski

The Second Sin of the East
A Paradigm of Rublyov
Self Portait
Virgil's Usellesness
The Sheherezade Motif
Socialist Realism


The Second Sin of the East

The fruit from the Tree of Knowledge has been eaten
and, as God's punishment, dark sciences flourished
for men to clear their own way ahead.
But those banished from Heaven,
on leaving, secretly, out of obstinacy, like people,
picked a fruit from the Tree of Life
from which the godly arts were born,
and in them they saw salvation from death.
If it weren't for Gilgamesh
would the first seeker of eternity's secret
be our dear guest at home today?

Yes: the second sin of the east has been commited.
Perhaps out of fear it is not openly admitted
though it has been public for ages.
Therefore, aestheticians,
do not supplant in your smart systems
the real tree of art,
the Tree of Eternity.
There is no other tree with such tasty fruits.

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