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Blesok no. 09June-July, 1999

The Czar of Birds

from the book "The Great Building and Other Conversations With the Unknown One", Blesok, 2001.

p. 1
Ferid Muhić

    From Aladag mountains, in which, after the Juruk legend, the lovers Halil and Dzeren live eternal, all the way to the mysterious lake Isik Kul, in a huge diapason covered with sharp ridges and lonely nomad tents, the story about the Czar of Birds is retold.
    This favorite topic of conversations led beside bonfires, in the highest mountains of this planet, says that the master of all gifted with wings has a palace on an unknown peak, concealed in the vast Ocean of petrified surges. Actually, peaks are spires, towers, minarets, bells, verandas of mosques, churches, pagodas, cathedrals, temples, places of worship, with which the earth celebrates the heaven – say the nomads, of what we, the ordinary tourists and passers-by, superficially and wrongly understand under the term “mountains”.
    Familiarised with that ancient tale, a certain Persian mystic and poet, 800 years ago, gave an ending to this story that amazed and until present days amazes all learned people among tourists and passers-by.
    First and foremost, here is how the legend goes:
    Resolute to find out the palace of their czar, the birds from all over the world met one day, and elected the flock consisting of the best of flyers, so they were given the task at all costs to reach where no other bird until then had arrived, and to find the palace, which not a single word had seen. And there to greet and bow to the one who has always commanded all birds and has ever since decided for the destiny of every bird.
    The birds flew, and flew away! They passed over all mountains, discovered many new pastures and waters, and told them to the nomads. The latter, out of gratitude, gave them food, let them repose, and cured the wounds on their broken wings. They saw many peaks, until then unseen by an eye, and flew and flew over ridges not walked. These hardened heroes were flying and flying for long! But not a trace did they find from the palace of the Czar of Birds!
    They already started suffering and dying, one after another! From efforts, injuries, cold, winds, or blizzards!
    Eventually, only one big mountain of the great Caucasus remained unexplored! And there spread the precipitous rock vanishing in the sky! The foragers flew up bravely in the heights so as to find the home of their czar. After days and nights of flying without repose and sleep, without

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