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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 80-81 | volume XIV | September-December, 2011



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Blesok no. 80-81September-December, 2011
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SEAFair ’11 - Energy, Biopolitics, Strategies of Resistance and Cultural Subversion

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Melentie Pandilovski

Exhibition, Symposium, Workshop
    Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art 1 - 20 November 2011
    Curators: Melentie Pandilovski, Elena Veljanovska, Zoran Petrovski
    The project “SEAFair ’11 - Energy, Biopolitics, Strategies of Resistance and Cultural Subversion” is organized by the Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art, SEECAN (South East European Contemporary Art Network) and Kontejner, Zagreb.

    The current events in the field of Biopolitics directly refer to the great social changes through which we progress as a society and individuals. SEAFair 2011 contextualizes the artistic and theoretical discourses developing around Bio-politics, aiming at re-evaluating its meaning today, as well as address the possibilities for resisting the dominant international discourses through emancipation and cultural subversion. The artists and critics have looked into the physical and biological systems which interact with each other and addressed issues as varied as sources and forms of energy (natural and artificial); entropy; causes and consequences of global environmental change; the sustaining of the environment; macro and micro ecology; the choice of fuel materials; alternative energy sources; nuclear energy, current topics in applications of microbiology in biotechnology; and genetically modified foods.
    The ability to code life into symbols, and being able to interpret these symbols, has changed the very notions of what we understand as life.

    Today “coded life”, positioned in global communication networks, and certainly allows for attributing a qualitatively different set of meanings to life in general, as well as to the concepts of the management of life. The merged IT with Bio-technologies seem capable of changing the core of global relations by proliferation of international intellectual property policies, as well as by the developing of ever growing genomic databases. Numerous ontological questions about the nature of Biotechnology come into being. We can deduce in a phenomenological fashion that Biotechnology structures society, but equally, society forms Biotechnology. The characteristics of these interactive processes are engrained into the general modus operandi in regard to standard processes and practices in Biotechnology, as well as in accepted modes of thinking about Biotechnology. Heidegger’s concept of Enframing

can be deciphered today by using Eugene Thacker’s trinity of ‘encoding, recoding, decoding ‘, representing the primary activities of Bio-technology today, as the disseminating of the biological through information networks upon demand, or upon necessity, creates a new situation where we witness it upon digital perception, as a digitally packaged commodity. “The simultaneous notions of the biological stock being property and information, having the traits of materiality and immateriality, existing

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