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Blesok no. 84May-June, 2012
Gallery Reviews

Values Concentrated in the Characters

p. 1
Ilija Kočovski

    Astral light in the Kasiopeia’s paintings is a kind of substructure; it emanates from the whole surface of the canvas, diffused without any visible source, usually softly, velvet like, without rigid Valero contrasts, determines, unites or highlights other factors in the unpredictable construction of the image.
    Like an overflowing stardust that flows through the space, the light in some of her paintings is strong and glaring, but not overemphasized, with its shadow effect, somewhere quiet and hidden to sfumato, only indicated by discrete and subtle differences between the forms.

     Her aspect as a colorist ranges from monochrome gammas in the narrowest colorful scale to the point of exhaustion, through contrasting and complementary schemes to symbolic intimate and sound colored harmonies. Generally speaking, she rarely polarizes colors, but more often equalizes and harmonizes.
    The imaginary expressive idea, eliminated by visual attraction is easily and quickly constructed in a certain artistic expression, explained by a line, color and distinctive, readable form. Namely, in her life and work, Naumoska with the same ease recognizes and finds the link that connects and explains one with the other, the continuity of reciprocity, while moving into the creative world and filling the curious imagination with the eternal mysteries of love, valediction, reunion……

     Her visual aesthetic is actually a fine gradation of lines, shapes, colors and tones that gurgle, seethe and ferment, creating wholeness in a kind of silky colorful harmonies or strong colorful contradictions, entwined with shimmering lines that partially clash or estrange like a large delta of a river, while fringing the forms of figures, silhouettes, metaphysical spaces or intimate ambiences.
    The line is a dramatic inner restlessness with deep vibrations, driven by the desire for accuracy in search of the exact form, manifesting as a major aesthetic expression with its autonomy, integrity and like a definition of space it defines the form and sometimes penetrates by cruising it with lines, whittling through almost to the point of destruction, and searching for the structure and the core. With this status of the line, Naumoska imposes the conclusion: Master of the line is the master of the art aesthetics.

    It is noticeable that the line is the element that accentuates her individuality and authentic maturity.
    She piles up the form, upgrading in layers, often with partial transparent temporizing, representing the delicate, sometimes subtracts, scratches, separates the layers from the whole just as the days from the past, searching for the essence

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