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Blesok no. 85July-August, 2012
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Temporariness, Transformation and Losing of the Identity

p. 1
Kalina B. Isakovska

Blu is the pseudonym of an Italian artist who conceals his real identity. He lives in Bologna and has been active in street art since 1999. Using the stop motion technique, the artist creates unique as well as bizarre animations that "pick" the theme of the temporariness, transformation and losing of the identity. His characters walk through the tissue of the city, spilling under the edges of the buildings and rising through the city's pores.

Blu is the most famous with his the pointed political messages in the murals; using the stop motion animations in his works, he puts the dimension of the time and transforms the process of the creation of the art works in widely social experience.

The works of this progressive artist with a wonderful fantasy are placed as a permanent setting on the frontages of lots of buildings in different cities and left to live solo life while the city around them is changing itself. They become either a symbol of a particular space or they fall into oblivion, eroded by rain, wind or indifference of the passer-by.

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