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Blesok no. 12January, 2000
Theatre Play

Two in Eden

Play for Two, a Moon and Puppets (1995)

p. 1
Tomislav Osmanli


Act One



The Moon: Constantly changing

Act One

(A bench under a park lamp post. Night, illuminated by the silver glimmer of the crescent moon. The light of lamp post is off. Underneath is Nela, with her back turned to the audience. She is whimpering. Her crying is obvious. Toto, an unusual character who seems to be looking for something, passes in front of her. He steps and looks at her, then leaves the stage. He comes back, appearing from behind the bench, closer to the audience).

    (Nela stops her wails. She turns her head discretely)
TOTO: Julie, where are you? A..Answer me, Juliana!
    (Nela looks at him)
TOTO: Ex..cuse me, have you s..seen a rather s..small, ch..charming th..thing pass by?
    (Nela turns forward and bursts into tears)
TOTO: (Surprised), w..wait. I didn't w..want to m..make you c…. I j..just wanted to a..ask if you h..have s..seen my Julie. I've b..been l..looking for h..her o..over an h..hour now. S..she does it s..sometimes…. r..runs away and h..hides from me. J..just now, an h..hour ago, I w… was s..sitting at home, watching b..basketb..ball on TV and d..drinking blueberry juice, and now… You know, I h..have to d..drink blueberry juice, the doctor says I am very anemic. N..not to me, to m..mother. It's not t..true, you know. I am n..not anemic at all. (Pause). A..anyway… Julie ran away, w..while I w..was drinking…j..juice.
    NELA: (Quietly wiping her eyes). I know her sort. Egotistical bastards.
    TOTO: No. p..please. Jule is not an egoist. S..she is j..just fond… of walking… She is…
    NELA: (Impassively). Free.
    TOTO: F..freedom-l..loving!
    NELA: And the rest suffer from such freedom lovers.
    TOTO:, I don't believe t..that.
    NELA: Sure. Aren't you suffering now?
    TOTO: Who, God forbid. It's q..quite pleasant, w..walking around like this in the park. J..just dandy…
    NELA: … and you look in each bush, you twitch at each noise, you turn at each shadow…
    TOTO: (With interest). did you know?
    NELA: (Begins to cry.)
TOTO:D..don't… please. I'm g..going … (Toto begins to move away)
NELA: (Murmurs something through the tears).
TOTO: (Moves back towards her). W..what did you say?
    NELA: (Still crying, more audible). Don't go!
    TOTO: What do you mean. I am here, you are crying, Julie is gone. What will people say?
    NELA: (Through tears). There are no more people!
    TOTO: S..sure, there are. The park is full of couples. And those who come alone… they are v..voyeurs.
    NELA: (Looks at him indignantly).

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