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Blesok no. 12January, 2000
Theatre Reviews

Selected reviews on “Two in Eden”

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Various authors


Venko Andonovski

Eden (One) for Two

    Tomislav Osmanli is granting us another bright, small piece: Two In Eden with it’s under-title A Piece For Two, a Moon and Puppets. It is not unintentionally that the idea of Brightness is here linked to the one of the Small. Up to now the dramatic and prose experiences of Tomislav Osmanli instructs us to search the bright things in the small ones. And again, it is not unintentionally that all the dramatic texts of Osmanli, no matter if they are TV, movie or theater scripts, or even short stories as the ones in his book “The Butterfly of Childhood”, have the little man as their main object.
    Osmanli’s big little man is actually his fixed idea, something that occupies his discourse from the beginning till the end, and that conducts, moderates and structures it. It is again the same this time, on the example of this very play. In five acts, from which the four belong to his characters Nela and Toto, and the last to his (and the character’s) puppets, the Princess and the Jester – in a miniature and minimal text space, with minimum of existents of the story (characters and decoration), Osmanli gives a severe lesson to the humanity: he warns that we can not further on pretend that that we are happy, because we are lonely. The action takes place in a simple park, that is being transformed into a metaphor of the Garden of Eden, in which since the Genesis, the expulsion of Adam and Eve took place…

Gligor Stojkovski

Inspiring play

    … Two in Eden is an inspiring play, with a skillfully led dialogue, magnificent poetic excerpts full of deep thoughts. Tomislav Osmanli extremely rationalizes the expression, always having in mind it’s juices and the dramatic necessities. That is why this text gets high literary values.

Mirče Tomovski

A Universal Look

    “… The real world and the world of the Puppets coexist together like two dimensions of the same life. Hence the metaphorical heading of the text is given – Two in Eden meaning also Two in One in Macedonian language, symbolizing two worlds in one. Everything is settled somewhere in between the heat of everyday life and unreality. Everything has its own rhythm, an internal dynamics which simply entertains the viewer and keeps him interested.
    The viewer's attention is first captured through the comical dialogues of the

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