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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 13 | volume III | February-March, 2000



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Blesok no. 13February-March, 2000
Gallery Reviews

The Song of Creation and Re-creation

On Tome Serafimovski’s sculpture

p. 1
Ante Popovski

    Vain is the attempt to probe deeper into the disorder of the sculptor’s studio, just as it is vain to clarify the chaos before the creation of the world. How is that feeling engendered anyway? Entering such a studio as this, how is it that one is led to believe that one enters into the secrets of creation? Is it not some ancient cry of our subconsciousness, unwilling to be reconciled to us as we are? The meeting with the sculptor in his studio turns into a great test of man’s fear of meeting himself, of the illusion that he is present in the act of his own re-creation!

An art that eternally
    wrests from chaos…

    The chaos in this studio, as well as in all others, is an abridged transcript of the chaos and the disorder of antiquity. Then, in ancient times, God himself created the world out of nothing: a nihilo! Yet how can it be that he created it out of nothing, when something already existed: chaos and shapelessness existed? Disorder and darkness existed? How can it be: out of nothing? Were not chaos and shapelessness, disorder and darkness God’s starting-point?
    The clay in this studio is the magma in which all possible, in which as yet invisible and non-existent forms are imprisoned. Out of this disorder, some real shape is still to come to light.

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