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Blesok no. 13February-March, 2000
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International Affirmation of the Young Talents

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Maja Čanaćević

    In the following essay we will try to give a brief explanation (maybe even a model), and we will interpret the following subject from a managerial aspect i.e. how the individuals or managers would work on promotion of the young talents.
    Afirmation or promotion of the young talents is very important issue not only for the musicians that are treated as products, but also for the the general cutlure within the country. There are several levels where this kind of promotion could be introduced. Thus, we can work in the frames of the local community, on the national and international leve, which is the main subject of the this essay. Marketing strategies for the young taltents affirmation depends of the level on which we are working.
    We need to define the marketing strategy very precisely. Thus, first we will need to collect all the influencing forces, and analyze the from different points of view. We need to diferenciate the positive and negative factors i.e. our sthrengst, weeakneses, threaths and opportunities. Including the factor called general environment, primarily socio-cultural and demographic-economical environment. We must think about competitiors i.e. all the other cultural events that are our possible competitors, suppliers, public and audience and the most important thing in the marketing process 4 Ps: product, place, promotion and prize.
    First step in marketing strategy would be product definition, what we are offering on the cultural market. Defining the market, on the other hand, is very important because it is on of the components that the manager or the agency directly is concerned. There are several types of markets as monopolistic, monopsonistic, highly competitive market etc. In this case, because the matter of our discusion are young talents and how to promote them on the cultural market, we can conclude that we are dealing with highly competitive markets, where great number of excellent musicians from different genres are participating. Above that, music belongs to the categories of cultural events, toghether with theather performances, exhibitions, cinema etc. All those events are in the same time potential competitors or substitutes.
    After we have determined the market and all the forces (positive and negative) that influence of the strategy implementation, we are moving to the next step which is the product itself. Altough we are speaking for the musicians in general, still there are some categories, ordered by several particular parametars. On the beginning of this text we have mentioned

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