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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 13 | volume III | February-March, 2000



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Blesok no. 13February-March, 2000
Theatre Theory

Otherness as a Fatal Strategy

- Dr. Phallus as a Figure of Knowledge -

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Elizabeta Šeleva

A. Character as an ideological synecdohe (representatives of a certain global concepts or ideas)

•Cross– identities of Dr. Phallus
    Sexual identity – homosexual
    National identity – German
    Cultural identity – European
    Inter-textual identity – Dr. Faustus
    Episthemological identity – Teacher (Master, Initiatior, Sedducer)– will (desire) to power

•Cross – identitites of the Youngman
    Sexual identity– “straight” … until being raped
    National identity – Macedonian
    Cultural identity – Balkanian
    Inter-textual identity – “Bildungs-roman” character
    Episthemological identity – Student (Aspirant, Initiated, Sedduced) – will (desire) to knowledge

B. Drama Structural Conflicts (drama as a simulation of social communication, according to the Dietrich Schwanitz' s Systemtheorie)

– Body-mind problem (c.f. the concept of erotic irony – Thomas Mann)
    – The structural split between Balkans-Europe through the perspective of post-colonial subject) – building the opositions: We, the West, Insiders, Liberal, Competent – versus Them, The East, Outsiders, Non-liberal, Ignorant
    – The concept of homotopy (Alexandar Kiossev) as an intercultural identity construction

C.Concepts of Knowledge

– Knowledge as an Erotic Initiation (Sedduction, Pennetration)
    – references to the Byble myth of expelling Adam and Eve from the Paradise (lost of primal innocence/ ignorance)
    – to Platonian model of Eros as a philosophical instinct
    – to the 17th century profound relation, between the “libre” (i.e. book) and “Libertinage” (being spiritually, but also sexually, liberal-minded) •to the Nietchean concept of a “merry science”
    – Knowledge as a (mode of gaining) Power
    – applying the post-modern deconstruction of phallogocentrism •Teacher as the big (castrating, alientating) male Other •toward questionning the (repressive) policy of knowledge
    – “Each educational system is a political way to protect, keep or change the adoption of discourses, knowledge and power– that they are burdened by.” -Michel Foucault-
    – to the possibility of the ideo-political abuse of knowledge (science)

D. The Problems of Reading,Teaching and Writing (how is the education at all possible?)

– reading as a (love) transfer – passionate interpretation
    – teaching as a process of transferring, translating, but also transgressing the knowledge
    – Dr. Phallus: “I want all that I know”
    – toward “ the existentially tatooed writing” (Peter Sloterdijk)
    – education as a body inscription (Gilles Deleuze)
    – knowledge (savoir) – as a “fatal strategy”; versus wisdom (connaitre) – as a self-enlightement
    – “I' m not actually interested in the academic status of my work, the crucial problem of mine happens to be my personal transformation”– Michel Foucault

First of all, let me anounce you, that on the account of this lecture, I would like to offer you an alternative perspective in thinking about the relation between knowledge, education and life experience. This lecture is initially

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