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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 14 | volume III | April-May, 2000



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Blesok no. 14April-May, 2000
Theatre Play

Porcelain Vase

p. 1
Jugoslav Petrovski


Scene 1 – Teddy Bear


    The Woman
    The Children
    Blind Man

Winter. A bombed village square. The ground is covered with burned books. A broken tailor's dummy or any suitable symbol of destruction. On the upturned bath a chessboard is laid out – with a game in progress. The DESERTER, wrapped in a blanket, sits beside it – completing a move on the chess board, then returning to his work – correcting the homework of the absent children. PETAR enters with pistol in hand, fearing an ambush. When he takes in the relatively peaceful scene, he gets fascinated by the chess game, moves one of the chess pieces. The DESERTER fleetingly looks at the move and makes a swift counter while concentrating on the exercise books he is correcting. PETAR studies the chess board and surreptitiously removes a pawn which would obstruct his attack on a rook. Distracts the DESERTER'S attention whilst he takes the DESERTER'S rook with his queen. The DESERTER makes a move and says: “Mate” – which is the case. PETAR gets angry and attacks:
    PETAR: Who are you?!
    DESERTER: The children will come now, and there are lot to be marked yet: I need to hurry, I promised them for today…
    PETAR: Whose children?
    DESERTER: Children; they come here from everywhere, from nine villages. Some even walk for days to get here.
    PETAR: You're bluffing!!! (Press the gun to his throat.) Whose side are you on?
    DESERTER: (Pause.) I ran away, I had to… The children are waiting for their marks.
    PETAR: They'll find you here…
    DESERTER: They do not study hard, it's difficult to tame them. They lie in the sun on the grasslands all day long; their blood is boiling…
    PETAR: Where did you run away from?
    DESERTER: (Pause.) From everywhere.
    PETAR: You think you ran away?
    DESERTER: I don't.
    (PETAR abruptly stands up.)
    PETAR: I'm leaving.
    DESERTER: Where? This is the place.
    PETAR: What place?
    DESERTER: The one you're looking for.
    (The DESERTER stands up from the chair, takes a few steps forward and kneels down. He lifts a handful of earth and lets it slip through his fingers. The DESERTER sings:)

    Deep in the cold earth Petar lay.
    Through his bones the green grass grew.
    Nine years and more the nine stars shone,
    Nine years the nine winds blew.
    “Petar, my son, tell me at last,
    Why do you lie, your bones so bare?
    What sins were yours that cloud those eyes?
    Nine years the same fixed stare.”
    “Mother, I'll tell you what

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