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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 15 | volume III | June-July, 2000



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Blesok no. 15June-July, 2000

Siljan the Stork Flies over Macedonia Once Again

Translated by: Snezana Necovska

p. 1
Risto Lazarov




Well it was different
In the era of the Stork
Although to tell the truth
We didn’t even know when and how it began
(there was no television then
To tell us we had stepped
Into the happy future).
What can I say,
There where a whole lot of enchanted people
And a whole lot of dreams were dreamt then:
Both halt and lame, both blind and bald.
Both storks and non-storks
– All to the last man took part
In the Olympiad of dreaming
And to this day it is not clear
If there was a reality at all
Just it is not clear whether today
Anyone dreams at all.

Freud and Jung, and the other
Interpreters of dreams
Suffered from chronic migraine
They were, as it is said, rather potty
And in the Prilep taverns
Drained wells of coffee without sugar
And unmeasured barrels of brine
But to no use: the whole thing
Came to thing.
No beginning and no end,
No head and no tail.
They took of their lacquered shoes in vain
And greeted in Turkish manner
The Imam of Bitola.
He too knew nothing of dreams and reality
But knew one shouldn’t poke around too much
In Christian dreams
For a single dream
Could stir up two uprisings!

Either in dreams or in reality
As if in a photograph,
As the rainbow appears
When a bear is getting married,
Elim appears
”Famous for its wealth,
Its silver and its gold.
And there is a temple in it
Which is very rich.”
And in this temple, there are “things of gold
Armour and weapons,
Left by Alexander
The son of Philip, The Macedonian Emperor,
Who first ruled over Egypt.”

Odysseus and Paris stop their game of chess
And sit down to finish the reading of Moses’ writing
They spread out o dozen maps
To find an easier way
To reach the Golden Fleece
They may either find it or not.

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