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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 15 | volume III | June-July, 2000



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Blesok no. 15June-July, 2000
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Humanism, Nobility, Virutes... Film?

p. 1
Petar Volnarovski

    It passed a lot of time, more than a century since the beginnings of the film until today. The film, in this CENTURY (and more) of its lifetime, turned into much of it… The most inevitable seems the fact that the film has grown into the one of the strongest and the most dominant media in the inter-human communication, and with no doubt, into the one of the most present moments of human life in general – today. And, may be that until now, even too much discussion has been done about what is, or what film should be itself; what is, or what should be its part in the human life and in the society in general; maybe it is so. But, any phenomenon that happens to us on such daily base, and with so much intensity and continuity – not only that it should be followed and reconsidered as much permanent and intensive, but it’s necessity to be done so… Without stops, and with no decrease in our awareness and thoroughness in that process.
    Taking a look from the technical or formal side, the film has grown into one of the media with the greatest suggestive power: its multi-code nature (image, sound and verbality) from one side, and the high-tech possibilities from the other, gives to it amazingly powerful ability of influence over the recipient, and of enclosing the message that it carries to him. The distance between the medium and the recipient is long and severely broken, and it becomes smaller and smaller as time passes. The suggestive power of the film is not the secret for some time, but the range of it has already reached the point that – in the 40’s and 50’s were pure science fiction. So, from that technical & formal point of view, the film possesses that kind of power that, for instance, every artist – of any domain – would be more than happy if his art possesses even small amount of such power.
    But, when the semantics is the issue, we must ask ourselves what exactly does it bring to the recipient, carefully – and before all – attractively wrapped cover? If we answer honestly, then we must admit: that is not a pretty picture. The power of influencing, changing and almost redefining of the human mind, and namely – the power of building the public opinion – that film actually

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