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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 17 | volume III | October-November, 2000



                     Peer-reviewed journal
Blesok no. 17October-November, 2000

Selected poetry from some of the participants at the poetry festival “Vilenica 2000”

Translated by: the author and Phillis Levin

p. 1
Istvan Voros

Let’s Count
History Recharged
Torso at Dawn
Mouse, Dog, Chicken


Let’s Count

Two women left me in two days. To one
I brought, in vain, a poppy seed cookie
as big as a plate. She allowed me
everything, but didn’t want anything.

In the tram station we only shook hands.
The second one was my old love.
From her flat we took my comforter
a few days later with a third.

I turn two numbers face to face,
the three and the four. Between them,
I will remain alone. To let me know

what was going on, when she went
down to meet me she brought a bag
of trash. Since then, a year has passed.

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