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ISSN 1409-6900 | UDK 82+7     Blesok no. 17 | volume III | October-November, 2000



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Blesok no. 17October-November, 2000
Theatre Reviews

Theater festival “Moscow 2001”

(in the year 2001 Moscow will host the Third Theatre Olympiad)

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Vasilka Bumbarova

    “… Being at the crossroads of the millennia, we are becoming more and more familiar with the penetration of the past into the present and of the present into the future. The past bears its fame and it is conveyed to the present, and our task is to convey this fame to the future. In this way we remember the horrors of the past and this remembrance forces us to feel fear of the future. Our movement towards the future needs to be realised with such elegance and strength as was used by the ancient nations in the creation of their tragedies. As once we hear the voices of the ancient chorus. And the light of the coming millennia casts our shadows that play in the new millennium…” These words by the renowned Greek director Teodoros Terzopulos – President of the Olympic Theatre Committee – are part of the Manifest of the Theatre Olympians on the eve of the Theatre Olympiad, to be held in Moscow in the year 2001.


    A few years ago in Delphi (Greece), one of the greatest names of world theatre such as Jurij Ljubimov, George Lavadan, Robert Wilson, Tadashi Suzuki, Heiner Miller, formed a committee for preparation of the Theatre Olympiad. Inspired by the mission of the Olympic Movement and by the idea for meeting of different theatre cultures, the committee members took the brunt of the noble task of promotion of the scene experience called simply a Theatre Olympiad in various countries.
    The first Theatre Olympiad was held in Delphi in 1995. It was dedicated to the topic of Antique Drama in Modern World, and the host of the Olympiad was Terzopulos. The Second Olympiad took place in the Japanese small city of Shizuoka in summer 1995. It was devoted to the topic of Creating Hopes, and the host of the Olympiad, Tadashi Suzuki, welcomed the theatre groups from 21 countries. The idea of the Olympic Theatre was born in Greece, and continued in Japan, which means in two countries with immense theatre cultures, the European and the Asian. It is not accidental that Russia was chosen to be the host country of the Third Theatre Olympiad. It is both a European and an Asian country, a country with a rich theatre culture indeed, which has born and cherished the modern theatre of the XX century. The Theatre Olympiad in Moscow will be held in cooperation

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